[Beta] Feedback wanted on new Android game: Flying Pirates


Hello everybody,

We are two devs building a new android game Flying Pirates, you can check a short video of the game. It is not yet available in the android market, but you can download the beta from our website.

We want your feedback and opinion on on making this a great casual game for Android. We are really hoping to improve the gaming experience during the beta. So please send your messages to support [AT] playcolors [dot] com.

The inspiration for the game being flying old biplanes and pirate movies. We found that games are either too simple or overly complicated on touch phones. So we did our best to find the right kind of gaming experience given the fact that android's fanbase is not really the teenage following that apple enjoys. Eager to hear what everybody thinks about our new game.

Note: it is Free but Ad supported

Official Beta Rel on Android Market: 17th Feb

About Us:
We jumped the corporate ship sometime back risking lifestyles to pursue "the dream". We have always been casual gamers and not really the serious console gamer, so android games presented the perfect opportunity to learn swimming. Pirates is our most recent effort in trying to build a successful game.


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The pirates Beta is now out in the market, it is free and AD supported. Please give us your feedback on game play and any aspect that needs improvements. We want the beta period to be really useful in improving the game.

Android market Link is here