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Beta testers needed, first app

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by puggster, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. puggster

    puggster Newbie
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    Hello folks, ive only started developing for android for less than a week but have something ready for beta testing already.

    First a little bit about the app and the concept behind it.

    Ok first the reason for developing this.
    I Searched for a suitable fast way to access all my social and media network sites fast and could never find an app which could support everything i needed, usualy resulting in wasting mobile bandwidth chasing the mobile version of the site just to tweet or fb or check on the latest youtube vid. so i decided to hell with it ild create my own...

    So it was born. the app i created is called "appyDROID",

    Its an app which loads a very light browser not the devices built in one, for speed ive implemented a very light browser to allow full screen navigation and borderless browsing, it also renders the site to automaticaly fit the screen of your device, kinda like a smart veiw feature, its quick and light on bandwidth which can only bee good right?...

    Ok now the concept...

    The loader will navigate to a custom made website which is talor made for mobile devices, designed to load fast and efficently so you can access your favorite social/media site with a quick scroll and click. the web design is designed to be as fluid as windows phone gui, its actualy the concept of the web design its based on a windows mobile device's gui,

    the great thing about this app is you only install the loader, everything else is server side development, meaning each update is implemented via my server. not the app, so no need to update the app its self, its automaticaly done when you reload the app..

    You can check out my multi device browser version here

    simply load this on your phone and see what the app looks like.
    of course the rendering will be done on your phones browser so may not look as intended. click on your device type, ie iphone/android/blackberry and it loads a suitable version for the phone, has slightly modifyed html for each device..

    Ok for the android app i would like tested please download my apk file from here http://appyphone.hostoi.com/downloads/AppyDROID.apk

    the main problem i can find on this app is that once you navigate away from my custom site it cant get back to the site without reloading the app.

    the browser is a lite design so i wanted a clean look, with minimal fuss.

    currently ive tested it on a htc wildfire, it works well, exept the noted problem, the back key just exits the app, so would need to have a call line to make that just back up, instead of back out, perhaps some keymapping is required, but hey its my first ever attempt at an app lol...

    anyways here are some screen designs..
    loading screen


    pleas could you test this and let me know what you all think, and what i should add etc..

    im in the proccess of adding more appyapps, to the custom screen,
    but please feel free to suggest

    thanking you kindly


  2. puggster

    puggster Newbie
    Thread Starter


    just wondering if anyone has had a go yet?

    any feedback would be greatly apreciated.

    a few things im currently working on
    1. i apreciate the cause for some kind of security mesures, since the potential user will use multiple sites which contain login information etc such as youtube, facebook and so forth, ive thought about implementing a security login page to protect the app from unauthorised use. im not sure how well this feature will go down so ive decided to make 2 versions, a secured login version and the standard one as present. the security version will protect your other accounts expecialy the ones which save your login details so when you revisit the site logs you in automaticaly.

    the one im creating will ask for you to create a login and you use this on every visit, the main problem which will defeat the purpous is if the potential user allows the browser to save the login, again meanining anyone can access your social sites if your phone is stolen etc,

    this login isnt app related it will be server side secure database driven.

    for increased security mesures the logins created should be unique to other social / media sites, ie not the same lol

    anyways i will be finnished adding this feature soon, will upgrade the app accordingly..

    much thanks


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