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[BETA] Word Widget - Text File Widget Viewer

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Metric, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Metric

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    Need some beta testers for this widget. In the zip I have included 3 test case files for testing, but please use others for further testing.

    Get the apk: http://www.vantagetechnic.com/android/WordWidget.zip

    The APK certificate is only valid for 1 Year.

    Oops forgot to add: You need at least Android 2.2 for it to work.

    supported text files: txt, docx, and pdf.
    The widget will automatically reload the file selected every 30mins. The text is cached so the file is not repeatedly opened every time

    What I am looking for testing wise:

    • UI Feedback
    • UI Issues
    • Widget resize ability with custom Launcher
    • Testing all up button, down button, and tapping on text to relaunch the configuration screen for that widget.
    • Testing of having multiple widget instances at the same time with different files for each widget (Test scrolling up and down on each one also).
    • Test by putting test files in sub folders on internal or sdcard.
    • Any widget crashes (Please include what you did to cause it to crash.)
    • Test with other text files if possible.
    Aaron A. Klick

  2. prupert

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    Just to say I am testing this.

    All seems OK so far...will report back with an update (just an FYI, it is showing a log file from a bash script running under SL4A that is run every day...

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