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betfair app

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by gazza2008, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. gazza2008

    gazza2008 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    This mite sound ramdom am sorry if so

    IS there a APP for betfair as I do a lot of betting this would be good as am on the go a lot



  2. jimmy_bish

    jimmy_bish Lurker

    As random as it is, I know the answer, so I registered to reply! (My Galaxy S arrives tomorrow, so I've been browsing for hints and tips early! :D)

    Anyway, https://iphone.betfair.com/#_home works with Android. It's what Betfair's helpdesk recommends. It's only a matter of time before an actual app appears, whether it be official or unofficial. They have an API, which developers can use to place bets using 3rd party apps, so someone's sure to have a crack at it.
  3. jdavidg

    jdavidg Lurker

    ... now in market

  4. mancterrier

    mancterrier Lurker

    Seems ok but doesnt remember password which is pretty damn annoying....
  5. MartynH

    MartynH Lurker


    We've just released a new Betfair Native application in to the market place. It's listed as just 'Betfair' in the market. Have a look and let me know what you think :)

  6. Skillpig

    Skillpig Lurker

    I found Betfair do have an app available free of charge from the android marketplace.

    I d/l for my nexus and was really impressed.
    I can access my account, view open markets and watch the prices live and I can Back/Lay bets in real time.
    I can also view my bet history.

    The app was simple to use and I placed my first bet inside of a minute of log in.

    Vast improvent on previous homebrew apps, nice one BetFair.

    App Home Page

    Bar Code
  7. jschwertfeger

    jschwertfeger Lurker

    Most real-money gambling apps have been pulled from Android Market due to Google's new content policy; including the official Betfair app.

    However, there's an alternative to the official Betfair app called Betacular that is available for direct download from betacular.com
  8. dawankler

    dawankler Well-Known Member

    Places like Betfair could always just offer a direct download.

    I used to love sports betting until it became a giant PITA to fund an account.
  9. jackgibbs

    jackgibbs Android Enthusiast

    I just added a bookmark to my homescreen and use the website for all my wagering needs
  10. riley6899

    riley6899 Lurker

    i've recently upgraded from my htc hero (2.1 not rooted) to the galaxy s. The betfair app still works on the hero, is there anyway i can grab the apk file and move it to my galaxy?
  11. deniskelly

    deniskelly Lurker

    You can reinstall the apk file on your new Galaxy but the app is no longer available in the Android Market. Google changed their policy regarding gambling apps and pulled all betting apps like the Betfair app.
  12. grease2000

    grease2000 Newbie

  13. grease2000

    grease2000 Newbie

  14. betondroid

    betondroid Lurker

    Try BetOnDroid application at betondroid dot com
  15. gavind

    gavind Lurker

    Is this app fairly new? The preview looks quiet neat but has someone given this a try yet? [​IMG]
  16. bettingmann

    bettingmann Lurker

    Ive been using the native BetOnDroid app for quite a while, really cant fault it

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