Better alerts of Text Messages


Is there a way to make my phone ring/vibrate continuously, until I view a text message?

For instance, android rings when someone calls me, and it continues ringing until I answer it, or decline it, or 30 seconds goes by.

I want something to help me respond to text messages from teammates at work. Maybe the same level of alerts as an incoming call for 30 seconds, then repeat for 5 seconds every minute.

I'm partially deaf too, so perhaps if there's a way for it to flash the screen and camera flash led until I view the message or decline the notification, that would help.


Dreaming of Bugdroid.
Textra will sort of do what you want:

It has a setting to wake the screen when you get a text and lets you repeat the notification up to 50 times, but plays them two minutes apart.

Now, for the notification sound... most notifications are only a second or two, but you can add longer sounds to the default Notification folder usually located in one of these locations:

Copy a long audio file to that folder and then you should be able to select it as your Text notification. If it's 30 seconds Textra would repeat it every 2 minutes, so it would play it for 30 seconds, be silent for 90 seconds, then repeat.