Nov 21, 2009
north of mason dixon
I noticed that after the update yesterday I am able to open attachments on e-mail. Prior to that I would try to open attachments and would get the mesage that retrieving file and nothing would ever happen. I also had to reset my login for Facebook. I haven't noticed anything else yet.

On another note, a coworker just got the HTC with 1.5 Android. He also likes the software but once he saw a few of the features that the 2.0.1 software has he wants an upgreade.
It would help if you specify what email attachments you are talking about - Gmail, Exchange email, IMAP, or POP3 email?
BEFORE Update: GMAIL attachments would open, Exchange attachments would fetch forever and not open.

AFTER Update: GMAIL attachments still open, and so do Exchange attachments!!

In addition, I can now forward an Exchange e-mail without having it attached as an EML file..

Good stuff..