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better calendar display?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jpdroider, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. jpdroider

    jpdroider Lurker
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    I added the calendar widget to my main screen to display my Google calendar. It's not very usable though. It shows today's date, but not today's appointments. To see today's appointments, I'd have to click on the calendar to go into it. For future days, it doesn't even list all of the appointments, I just get "+1 more." Right now, it looks like this:

    11 Aug Wed
    Aug 12 - appointment
    Aug 13 - appointment +1 more
    Aug 14 - appointment
    Aug 15 - appointment +1 more

    Has anyone found a better calendar? I want to see everything that's coming up for the day on the main screen without having to click into my actual calendar. I just came from the Palm Treo and loved that calendar display because it was quick and functional. Not so much with the Droid X.

  2. B1llK

    B1llK Newbie

    Try Jorte.
  3. hunta

    hunta Well-Known Member


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