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Nov 7, 2012
The camera for the Nexus 5 is missing 2 important features for me: slow motion video and tap to focus in video.

I was wondering if anybody can suggest to me a good camera app that has these. I know the camera hardware itself might not support slow motion, but if there is an app that can bring slow motion at 720p that would be awesome.

Also, the more important feature to me is tap to focus in video mode. So if someone can suggest a good camera app that does this instead of taking a picture, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
The vast majority of camera apps I've tried either don't have a video option, or revert to the stock Cam app when when video recording is selected.

Have you tried Focal? That was the camera app going to be bundled with CM before they became Cyanogen Inc, that might have a little more options for video.