Android Enthusiast
Jul 29, 2010
Im looking for a cooler clock/clendar weather app for the home screen on my dinc. I was at a coffee shop and noticed everyone runs the stock clock app is there something cooler for it out there.
I've been using Beautiful Widgets for awhile now and I really like it. It's not free but it's pretty customizable I'd say at least check it out.
what would be cool is to have a more digital futuristic clock look and get another row of apps you can add to the main screen you use all the time
Beautiful Widgets is the way to go. You can set it as a small widget too so it takes up less space, and there's a good amount of variety. They also have settings to tweak it a little more, say if you like the clock font but not the backgroud, then set the background to transparent.

Its one of few apps that I've been happy to pay for.

I'm also looking for an alternative calendar app though.
I own BW and I put a Sense imitation (very, very close) on my X. I may be wrong, but BW started as an imitation of Sense.
Beautiful Widgets is the business! It's like $2 or something but very worth it. It's very customizable. You kinda have to play around with it a lot to find the perfect clock and weather skins only because their are lots of options and tweaking that you can really customize it.