Better Cut



Can anyone help me with the Better Cut app? I want to set up "direct call" and "Direct Text message" but when i pick those tabs it says "no contacts". How do I add contacts?!



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I believe Bettercut defaults to Google Contacts. You can go to your carrier's page and export your contacts to Google. There are some threads around that will tell you how. Once you have your contacts in Google( you have to have an account), they will sync and go on your phone. My problem was that my phone contacts from my Verizon phone were transferred to my new X. THen after I exported them to Google, they were put on my phone. My car bluetooth then listed 2 entries for each person, a Google account and a Verizon account. I had to unlink each entry in my phone and delete the Google one. I do have my phone setup now so the widgets on my home page direct dial when I press them.