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"Better Keyboard" app - Anyone using this?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jmt9779, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. jmt9779

    jmt9779 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The "Better Keyboard" app. Anyone using this? And, do you mind if I ask why? I'm for all for trying a keyboard that might be better than the stock one but I just don't get it - It looks about the same as stock, right?

  2. Dabrador

    Dabrador Android Enthusiast

    I'm using it and really enjoy it. Before I got the Droid, I was using the Blackberry Pearl. It had a suretype keyboard (two letters per key). When I first got the Droid, I had a hard time typing on the full qwerty in portrait mode. The keys were just too small.

    Better keyboard has an option for suretype and it makes it much easier and much faster now to type.

    Hope that helps...
  3. Roroco

    Roroco Well-Known Member

    I tried it, but the resolution of the app turned me off. Plus, I learned to love Swype much more than anything else out there.
  4. mooshu47

    mooshu47 Newbie

    I tried it, didn't see it as "better" and uninstalled it.
  5. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    Better Keyboard is better than stock, but not so great.

    Touchpal (not available any longer) is better but not available.

    The HTC keyboard that is floating around is better than the Touchpal version that was available.

    Swype is better than them all. :)

    I came from a BB as well, and thought I'd stick w/the HTC keyboard, but Swype has captured my heart/fingers.
  6. GorillaTheHutt

    GorillaTheHutt Well-Known Member

    personally, i thought better keyboard's word detection was abysmal, so i quickly returned it. like many others, Swype is my soft keyboard choice, particularly because i only use the soft keyboard one-handed while in portrait mode...and Swype is perfect for that.
  7. CoreyOli

    CoreyOli Well-Known Member

    just do a search for swype...

    you'll never use anything again...

    trust me!!
  8. CoreyOli

    CoreyOli Well-Known Member

    just do a search for swype...

    you'll never use anything again...

    trust me!!
  9. BenDroid

    BenDroid Well-Known Member

    I keep hearing about this swype, but can't find it in Marketplace...where do I find it? I would love a better keyboard for the portrait keyboard on my Droid.
  10. Timaphillips

    Timaphillips Android Enthusiast

    I keep using better keyboard on and off. I guess each time I use it I get fed up with it...then give it another shot a few weeks later. The resolution needs to be better and I don't find it any more accurate. I'm hanging onto it though just in case they manage to get an update out.
  11. JediJesus

    JediJesus Android Enthusiast

    Does Better Keyboard or any keyboard offer multi-touch support?

    FWIW I love swype. It took a few minutes to get used to it but after that it was smooth sailing. The only thing I dont like is I cant get it to predict a persons email. In the address line it makes me type in the whole address instead of the contacts name. Am I missing a setting somewhere?
  12. Until Swype auto-capitalizes and does a period after hitting space for me, it'll just be my backup. Always my backup.
  13. summerfish

    summerfish Well-Known Member

    I recently got Better Keyboard and have enjoyed the choice for a different color. But once in a while it will go to the ?123 screen randomly. I tried typing "install" and after "in" it would go to the ?123 screen and type out "in@)", when you're not even close to hitting that button. so that's been my only beef. Guess I'm typing too fast for the machine lol.
  14. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    Add key email addresses to your dictionary...works for me.
  15. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    The period issue is small enough that I've stopped caring about it...easy to swype a .space after a word.

    But the lack of auto cap is annoying...90% of my re-dos are when I forget to capitalize, or when I do the swype capitalization move and it doesn't take.

    Don't know if/when we'll be able to get an update, but if auto cap was all they fixed I'd be very happy.

    But beggars can't be choosers, right? ;)
  16. ramos

    ramos Newbie

    don't forget swype is in beta.
  17. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Capitalizing is as simple as starting with the 1st letter, swyping up off the keyboard and coming back down again to the 2nd letter. How simple is that?

    And you're already hitting the spacebar at the end of your sentence. Just simply hit the period and swype over the spacebar at the end of each sentence.

    Of course, it all comes down to what you want to do, and want to learn. I find the benefits of Swype far out-weigh the learning curve. I love it.
  18. kbayer

    kbayer Android Enthusiast

  19. Dabrador

    Dabrador Android Enthusiast

    Are you kidding me???

    I just downloaded swype and tried using it. Freaking awesome!! Better Keyboard is gone.
  20. kbayer

    kbayer Android Enthusiast

    Newbie Swyper here... While practicing, I screwed up a few times and SWYPE still got it right... HOW??? Are we becoming one with the Droid?
  21. kkwan77

    kkwan77 Well-Known Member

    I've used this and found the following:

    1) the app will force close at times
    2) there is a lag when typing
    3) the dictionary can use an overhaul

    Overhaul imho the stock software keyboard is much better.
  22. mooshu47

    mooshu47 Newbie

    I just tried Swype and I'm impressed. And I'm not easily impressed.
  23. iLollar

    iLollar Newbie

    Soooo its like the Blackberry Storm? The multi-tap or whatever, the one with the two letters per button, I found that to be bea-u-tiful!
  24. kbayer

    kbayer Android Enthusiast

    I notice a slight lag with
    "Talk-To-Me" as well... and I'm not really that fast.

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