Dec 13, 2009
Any music players out there with adjustable EQ (bass treble etc)?
One that I know of called Astro Player BETA, but the EQ isn't really that superb in my opinion.

I haven't seen a system EQ however, but would be interested to know if there really is one.
I'm sorry, I made a mistake. I remember what made me think there was an eq. there is an app called audio manager that has an icon that looks like EQ sliders, but the app is just a volume manager for the various volume options, like ringer and media.

There is a feature request over at google to add eq to the music player, but it might take a while, it's only medium priority & they have several at high priority.
I downloaded the astroplayer, and there does actually seem to be an EQ, though it's badly labeled (in that there's none), and for the life of me, I can;t see how it actually plays music off my phone.

Thanks, though, for the lead.
I'd been wondering the same thing after being a bit spoiled by my Nokia 5800 (audio-wise anyway!).

To be honest my favourite player is MixZing (free version). There isn't any equalizer but I find that the overall quality and features are excellent when used with my sony in-ear buds.

Deep bass, clear treble. That's all I want and it's what I get from this combination.

Would love to see a proper music player with graphic equalizer. I'm sure we're not the only ones!