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Betty White turns 99 this weekend

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by rootabaga, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. rootabaga

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  2. Steven58


    Yeah, happy birthday! You know she had a great love affair with her husband Allen Ludden. They were so in love. He died of cancer in 1981. Here's info:

    Allen Ludden died from stomach cancer on June 9, 1981, in Los Angeles. While they had no children together, she is stepmother to his three children from his first marriage to Margaret McGloin Ludden, who died of cancer in 1961. White has not remarried since Ludden's death. In an interview with Larry King when asked whether she would remarry, she replied by saying "Once you've had the best, who needs the rest?"
  3. olbriar


    I would certainly take 99. Happy Birthday a bit early Betty White.
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  4. MoodyBlues

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    I read the article the other day, and thought, gosh, we're so lucky to still have this gem of a woman at 99. She's done so much for animals, she's one of our [animal rights people] heroes. To say nothing of the joy she's given us through decades of TV appearances.

    Her character on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Sue Ann, was so snarky, and it was a perfect foil for sweet-natured Mary. Her other memorable characters/appearances are too long to list! A few years ago, she had a very funny prank show called Off Their Rockers, where older people played pranks on unsuspecting younger people. I loved the humor the older folks found in themselves/their ages.

    Happy 99th Betty! And may you have many more. :D

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