May 21, 2010
Wanted everyone to know.

I just got my new HTC INCREDIBLE..... love it..... and went to cheapdroids.com for accessories.

After I ordered several items, they contacted me the majority of the order would take 4-6 wks, they shipped one item AND BY THE WAY OUR WEBSITE WAS WRONG AND YOUR ORDER IS 20% HIGHER????:thinking:

Customer service horrible. They refused to honor the order price and after returning the one shipped item they kept the entire shipping cost. :mad:

Never order from them... that is not how you do business.
I only ever pay online with my debit/credit card in case something like this happens, even if its paypal I use my debit card. Reason being: chargebacks.

If you paid using your credit or debit card you can dispute the charge w your bank. Dispute the higher payment and not honoring original price, dispute the crappy equipment not being as advertised, get all your money back directly from your bank.

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