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Beware if buying from mp4nation

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by surfs, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. surfs

    surfs Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Just a gentle warning - beware of mp4nation.com. ordered from them on 23 Jul. Site states shipping in 2-4 days, with the tracking number posted , and 4-14 days to arrive, which I thought was reasonable.
    What happened was a nightmare. After 4 days, mp4nation emailed to say mailed. Waited, nothing appeared on tracking for 1 week (4 Aug), asked them, they just emailed a generic, will appear, wait. 1 more week, emailed, same reply. 1 more week (11 Aug), now getting a little impatient so filed a dispute on paypal. They just sent tracking number to paypal and closed the matter. Still nothing on the postal site.
    Now threatened a credit card chargeback (16 Aug), then the package magically appears on the postal tracking site, but guess what (17 Aug), it's still being processed for delivery. Finally gets out of Hong Kong at end of day, but just way too much effort for this. So be warned.

  2. kiteOregon

    kiteOregon Lurker

    Same story here, purchase around the same time 7/27, sent email on 8-11, got generic response that i got about HK tracking site. Sent another email 8-17, this time another generic response, tracking will be posted in a week.

    I have not started the charge back process, but if i don't see tracking / product in three days, i will report them as fraudulent.

    And to think, i did my research and went with mp4nation due to what seemed like a better "QA" process. live and learn.
  3. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    Same story here.

    mp4nation is an awesome community, but a terrible online store.

    Although I purchased last year and some people have told me they improved. I'm suspicious that the other two posters are single post only people. :p
  4. fox403

    fox403 Lurker


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