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Beyond frustrated....process com.htc.bg FC...can you help pls?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gink, May 27, 2010.

  1. Gink

    Gink Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I know there are a few other threads on this error but none of them matches my situation. FWIW I have tried all the suggestions from the threads but no dice so far.... I'm beyond frustrated and would appreciate any help.

    Some background: two days ago I got a new/refurb unit from Verizon for some lag/dialer/sensor issues. When I got the new unit I immediately installed the 2.1 OTA, factory reset the phone and synced everything with HTC sync just fine. Today is when the issue started.

    Here is what happens: I open HTC Sync on my pc and connect the Eris. It comes up just fine and I hit sync. It tries to sync for about 30 seconds before I get this error on the phone: the process com.htc.bgp Force Close. Then, the next time I try to connect to HTC Sync I get an error on the Eris that HTC is not found and HTC on the PC does not see my phone.

    Here's the troubleshooting I've done so far based on the open threads out there:

    -I've uninstalled/reinstalled HTC sync about 7 times now, literally.
    -I've rebooted the phone several times as well.
    -I've tried a different USB port.
    -I'm not syncing my phone with FB so it can't be that.
    -I'm also not syncing with GMail so it can't be that either although I have cleared cache/data for it under settings > applications.
    -I've cleared cache & data for calendar options as well and that has not helped.

    I don't know what else to do as no one seems to know exactly what process this is referring. Several people are convinced it's FB but that just can't be the case with me.

    Help?!?!?!?!? Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?????? I'm desperate....

  2. Gink

    Gink Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Just updating my own thread...

    After waiting for HTC tech support for 30 mins I told him what's going on with my phone. He had no answer for me and just said "it could be something that'll be updated in the patch coming out." I said "I didn't know you were working on a patch," and he sorta side-stepped the question. Basically there is nothing they can do.

    Then I called Verizon and the guy I talked with was really nice. He said he knew of at least a couple of people with the same issue and it looks like it's something with the 2.1 platform which lies in HTC's hands. I told him about my conversation with HTC and he didn't seem surprised. He said the only thing he could suggest was a factory reset. If that didn't work they'd either send me back to HTC or replace the device again.

    I'm in the process of factory resetting right now. Wish me luck. Hope no one else with OTA 2.1 has this problem. :(
  3. ryan250

    ryan250 Lurker

    if any one can tell me how to delete the launcher
    but it will not let me access the screen - loop

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