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    Bible verses includes the best bible quotes in more than 40+ languages for more than 70 bible translations. Study verses, share them among the friends, enjoy the power of Bible knowledge. Start Bible study with our app!

    • Support is available from the app or you can write to support@pearmobile.com
    • Like our page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bibleholyonline
    • Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bible_holy_kjv
    • Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/saint_gospels
    • Read Bible online on www.bible.promo

    Bible Verses takes texts from these books:

    • King James Bible (Bible KJV)
    • Catholic Bible (Douay-Rheims 1582/1609)
    • American Standard Version Bible (Bible ASV)
    • Bible in Basic English (Bible BBE) (Bible English)
    • World English Bible (Bible WEB) (Bible English)
    • Catholic Public Domain Version (CPDV) (Bible English)
    • World Messianic Bible (WMB) (Bible English)
    • J.N. Darby Bible (Bible English)
    • N. Webster Bible (Bible English)
    • Young's Literal Translation Bible (Bible YLT) (Bible English)
    • Wycliffe Version (Bible English)
    • Albanian Bible
    • Bulgarian Bible (Библията на български език)
    • Chinese Bible (简体中文和合本) (圣经中的中国)
    • Czech Bible (Kralická) (Česká Bible)
    • Danish Bible (Danish Bible Society, 1871) (Dansk Bibel)
    • Dutch Bible (Statenvertaling)
    • Esperanto Bible (La Sankta Biblio, L.L.Zamenhof, 1915) (Esperanta Biblio)
    • Haitian Creole Version (HCV)
    • Finnish Bible (1933/38) (Suomi Raamattu)
    • French Bible Louis Segond (Bible LSG) (La Bible Française)
    • French Bible A.Crampon (La Bible Française)
    • French Bible D.Martin (La Bible Française)
    • Ge'ez Bible
    • Georgian Bible (ძველი ქართულით ბიბლია) (ბიბლია ქართული)
    • German Bible M.Luther (Die Bibel in deutscher Sprache)
    • Greek Bible (Μετάφραση Ν.Βάμβα, 1850) (ελληνική Γραφή)
    • Hebrew Bible (Old testament) Westminster Leningrad Codex (התנ"ך עברית)
    • Hungary Bible G.Károli fordítás (A Biblia a magyar)
    • Icelandic Bible
    • Indonesian Bible (Terjemahan Lama) (Alkitab di Indonesia)
    • Italian Bible: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (CEI), G. Diodati, Riveduta version (Bibbia italiano)
    • Korenian Bible (KJV version) (한국어 성경)
    • Latina Bible (Sacra Vulgata) (The Latin Vulgate)
    • Malagasy Bible (Baiboly Malagasy)
    • Maori Bible (Paipera Maori)
    • Norwegian Bible (The Norwegian Bible Society, 1930) (Norsk Bibel)
    • Philippine Bible (Ang Dating version) (Tagalog)
    • Polish Bible (Gdańska) (Polska Biblia)
    • Portuguese Bible (João F. Almeida Atualizada) (Bíblia português)
    • Romanian Bible (D. Kornilesku) (Biblia Română)
    • Russian Bible Synod (Русская Православная Библия, Синодальный Перевод)
    • Serbian Bible (Cyrillic and latinetse) (Библија на српском)
    • Slovak Bible (Preklad J.Roháčka) (Biblia v slovenčine)
    • Spanish Bible La Biblia Católica (Petisco-Torres Amat, 1825)
    • Spanish Bible Reina-Valera 1856, 1909 (Bible RVA) (Biblia en Español)
    • Spanish Bible Reina-Valera Purificada (Biblia en Español)
    • Spanish Bible Sagradas Escrituras (Biblia en Español)
    • Swedish Bible (Svenska, 1917) (Bibeln Svenska)
    • Ukrainian Bible (Біблія) (Біблія на українському)
    • Vietnamese Bible (1934 version) (Kinh Thánh tiếng Việt)
    • Xhosa Bible (H. Dugmore, 1859) (Izhibhalo Ezingcwele)


    • Possibility to mark favorites verse
    • Possibility to share verse
    • Possibility to copy verse into clipboard
    • Possibility to change fast language of the verse
    • Plenty of background images
    • Big amount of fonts
    • No internet connection required

    Download from Google Play:
    Download from HomePage:

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  2. olbriar


    I created a channel for your app. Good luck and thanks for sharing
    Both of your app announcements contain broken links to your screen shots etc. You might correct those links for better member insight to your apps.
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  3. PearMobile Ltd

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    It's strange that links are broken because I can see them very well...It seems to me that everything is good.
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  4. olbriar


    Your links work.. at least the Google Play link is good. It's the pictures that aren't rendering.
  5. PearMobile Ltd

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    So what should I do to fix this?

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