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Big gap in the Android market.

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by mrsooty, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. mrsooty

    mrsooty Newbie
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    I was in the market for new phone recently. I needed a new phone contract for business so was due a generous subsidy. I've had a few smart phones mostly low to midrange, and I was ready to go out and get the best one for my preferences. I prefer Android over I phone for a few reasons....used to it, familiar apps, Swype keyboard, and I especially like being able to swap my SD card straight into the new phone and have instant access to all my info.

    The problem is, the best android phones are all huge. They bring out mini versions, but they're always massive downgrades from the flag ships. Initially I thought I'd get an S3 mini, until I realized that it really is nothing like an S3 in terms of specs and features. Then they brought out the S4 mini which seemed to have much more advanced specs and features than the S3 money, and potentially more worthy of it's name than it's predecessor. I was tempted by the HTC One mini, but again, there are some pretty big downgrades and I don't like the lack of expandable storage.

    So I got the S4 mini. As soon as I turned it on I realized that the screen resolution was going to be a huge disappointment. I love every thing else about the phone, love the size and camera and other specs, but the screen just looks so average. My HTC Desire X looked SO much better! This is the most I've ever spent on a phone and I just wanted it to be awesome.

    So my question is....When will someone make a palm sized, full specd android phone? Why are our only options either 'big' or 'downgraded'. Why can't an S4 mini really be an S4 but smaller? The price of the S4 mini in my country isn't even that much less than the full S4 and it's quite a bit more than the new price of the full S3. The S3 is a bargain at the moment, but I DON'T WANT A BIG PHONE!

    I wonder if they'll let me swap it for something else...But there's nothing. It's either big or average. I want small but awesome.

    Are there any manufacturers listening? Or am I just the only one that wants a high end Android phone in a mid range size?

  2. Tarzanman

    Tarzanman Newbie

    All this talk of sizes and you never once mention what size phone you are looking for. 4 inches?
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    The Moto X might be the device you are looking for (assuming it meets your size requirements). If you are on Verizon the Droid Mini also is a possibility.

    ... Thom
  4. mrsooty

    mrsooty Newbie
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    The S4 mini is a great size...I think it's 4.3"?
  5. Hadron

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    Sony made a full spec mini version of the Z1 IIRC, but so far only in Japan.

    I'd certainly be interested in "high end but not huge". My guess is that some marketing type tells them that their products won't be sufficiently "segmented" if they do this, but there are plenty of people who've said this is what they want.
  6. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid.

    They are not all high end, but currently available phones with a display between 3.8 and 4.3 inches:

    Dual Core

    Quad Core

    You can make a more specific search here to narrow in on the specs you want.

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