Dec 31, 2010
Hey guys, if you read my previous post you should know I am trying to learn the Rooting and Roms side of the Galaxy S I9000.

I now have a new problem.

I installed 'Darky's Rom onto the phone, and it worked fantastic. Then I decided to try out the MIUI Rom 2.3.4 on there, but....

It kinda went wrong, I used Odin, and when I was flashing the Kernel, it didn't move for 10 minutes (the loading bar) so I decided to try and cancel it, but who would of guessed, my computer froze, so I had to reboot, and now I am left with turning phone on to a Black Screen with a Phone----Triangle----Computer sign on there, and there is nothing I can seem to do to get around it, even when I am plugged into computer and on Odin.

I think the phone is stuck in the middle of what it was doing, and wants to connect but can't because it just cant.

Please help guys. Many thanks
Rhys :)
I had the same problem when flashing my phone to JPY from Darky's 9.5.
What I did to solve it was to put it into download mode ( volume down + home key + power key ) and reflash it again using Odin. The second time worked as it was supposed to, so no idea why it failed the first time.

Pull the battery, put it back in and try to get into download mode. If you can't, then you are going to need a jig.

Btw, were you on V.10 or V9?
thanks guys, I managed to fix it by flashing a different rom and it worked!! (thank god)