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Big update day it seems.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Cowpoke, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. Cowpoke

    Cowpoke Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Tonight (Sunday night) I checked my phone and had about 10 apps ready for updates. Most noticeable were Home ++ and Dolphin.

    Dolphin has a new icon (planet is green now). And Pich zoom has been improved (its pretty noticable IMO) . Seems like there was something else having to do with the tabs but I haven't noticed.

    Home ++ has a few noticeable changes too. They added a browser button to the bottom row of Icons... I dig this. Also, now if you long press menu icons for each of your pages show up allowing you to select which page to go to. Not really useful if you only have 3 or 4 pages since long pressing and then clicking the icon really takes longer than swiping twice, but if you are rocking 7 pages i might be nice. The wallpaper drops a bit when you toggle on the status bar. I'm sure there are others but I can't recall.

  2. Telexen

    Telexen Well-Known Member

    I had a lot too. Hoping Handcent fixed the SMS deleting issue for good this time.
  3. zandroid

    zandroid Android Enthusiast

    Yeah I dig what the dev for Home++ is doing. He is already mimicking what 2.1 is going to do with the card view/screen preview thing. The next update I'm hoping will allow us to choose what's in the dock, such as sms.
  4. alphabets

    alphabets Newbie

    regarding the update to the dolphin tabs, if you longpress a tab it gives ou 3 options...close this tab, close other tabs, close all tabs.
  5. MisterEff

    MisterEff Android Enthusiast

    This was updated yesterday morning actually. I love how much better pinch zoom is now and the icon even looks cooler. I did notice that I had to delete the shortcut on my home screen and make a new one to replace the icon.
  6. syxxpakc

    syxxpakc Lurker

    The other day I noticed a couple of apps that I had were updated through the notification window. However, as of right now other apps are not giving me such notifications even though there is an update available. Is there a way for all of the updates for all apps to show or do I have to manually check for an update for each?

    EDIT: Nevermind all I have to do is check my Downloads page in the Marketplace :)
  7. mrthundercleese

    mrthundercleese Well-Known Member

    The dolphin update for me now does not snap to the size of the screen when zooming out. Is anyone else seeing this behavior? Hopefully it's broken and not a feature. :)
  8. v-6 nolo

    v-6 nolo Member

    i still cannot update my facebook native app...even if i re-download.
  9. alphabets

    alphabets Newbie

    i restarted my droid and that replaced the icon with the new green one.
  10. Barbara

    Barbara Android Expert

    I just checked and there is yet another update for Dolphin Browser. Definitely a big update day!!
  11. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    I'm pumped every time I see a new update to Home++. Seems like the dev just keeps piling on the useful features. The browser button in the bottom bar is tits. I still haven't convinced myself to like Dolphin. I like the tabs, but I much prefer the double tap zoom over pinch zoom.
  12. MisterEff

    MisterEff Android Enthusiast

    Apparently it just fixes it for the hero.
  13. Barbara

    Barbara Android Expert

    I have downloaded and uninstalled it more than once. I keep going back to it because I do like tabs. It is a lot better than it was in the beginning.
  14. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    Perhaps I'll have to give it another (fourth.. fifth.. whatever I'm on) try. Is there an option in Dolphin to use double tap zoom like the default browser? If so, I'd probably use it just for the tabs.
  15. Barbara

    Barbara Android Expert

    Someone said that there was but I didn't find it. I do think the pinch/zoom works better now than it did when I first tried it. I thought the double tap was better also. And I just looked in the dolphin menu and there are a ton of other gestures as well. It really does look pretty cool.
  16. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    Double tap will show/hide the tab bar. The pinch zooming is much much improved now. It's nearly perfect. One or two more updates and he's got it. One thing I noticed that I liked, is that I turned OFF the "fit to page" setting. This helps zooming become a more fluid process because the page isn't constantly jumping around as you zoom.
  17. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    I had "fit to page" turned off when I was using Dolphin as well. I just didn't understand the allure of the pinch zoom. The double tap zoom fits what I'm looking at to the screen exactly like it should be about 95% of the time and is much quicker; then if I really need to, I'll just use the zoom in button to get a little closer, but I really haven't run into the need for it too much. Pinch zooming just kind of seems extraneous to me when the double tap has worked so well. I really am trying to like it because everybody seems to rave about it, but I don't get it.
  18. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    I wouldn't rave about it to be honest. I think it's "Neat" mostly. The way it syncs bookmarks is very nice. That's probably it's best feature.

    But most of the other features are kinda just flashy stuff like the gestures, and pinch zoom, and tabs. Open one too many tabs and it will slow browsing to a crawl. I havent tried this feature yet either, but I like how it has a setting to change your user agent string. So basically, you could make website think you are someone surfing on firefox or IE from a PC.

    Ultimately though, tap to zoom is certainly as usable, or more usable, than the pinch.

    So use whatever works for you I say. I like both browsers and find both in need of a few fixes too.
  19. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Yes, in settings there is an option to "Show Original Zoom Buttons". But I'm telling you ... this pinch & zoom is really getting good. ;)
  20. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Shall we just . . . agree to disagree? ;) :D

    IMHO, Dolphin is approaching pure DROID web-browsing perfecting with each update. :cool:
  21. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    Holy crap! I just wet myself! :eek: :D

    How did I miss this? All is right in my world. Merry Christmas!!! :)
  22. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    Don't get me wrong, it's my default browser. :)

    But gestures are a bit gimmicky, and pinch zoom's usability is a matter of preference. That's all I was trying to say.

    For sure, as I said earlier, the dev has nearly perfected pinch zooming though. I do enjoy it because it helps zoom in to ridiculously close levels to tap tiny text links with my fat fingers :eek:

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