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Bionic from Charge first Impressions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by twistedlim, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. twistedlim

    twistedlim Android Expert
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    After a short while with the Bionic and a brief encounter with the TB I have some initial impressons. The phones were all set up the same using Launcher Pro and syncing gmail, aol mail syc every hour, and weatherbug syncing every hour. Other than that all other syncs are manual.

    The charge has the best battery life of the 3 pretty much hands down. I would venture to say about 20% better than the Bionic and 33-40% better than the TB. The charge though is the slowest of the 3 while stock. When rooted with lagfix the charge was closer to the TB in performance but not nearly as fast as the Bionic. Lagfix seemed to have no ill affects on battery life of the Charge.

    Lots of Bloatware on all 3 so that is a wash. I have not rooted the Bionic yet and did not root the TB but the Charge really had to be rooted in order to run lagfix. The Bionic was the only one I had running on Gingerbread which based on my DX experience is faster than froyo but the battery suffers. That alone could be the reason why the Charge battery life is better than the bionic.

    The Charge is the most comfortable in the pocket. Very slim and sleek but the bionic is a very close second. The TB felt like a brick. Both the charge and the TB have a good quality feel to them whereas the Charge was a bit plasticy feeling but that is just really perception as I am sure they would all react the same from a 4 foot fall onto concrete (a test I did not run).

    I cannot really speak about Touch Wiz v. motoblur, v sense as I ran Launcher Pro and it really takes any of those out of the equation. Stock touch wiz though was the most cumbersome UI of the 3. Moto Blur was actually usable which is a lot coming from the DX where it was a dog. Sense is sense and I have found it very nice on any HtC phone I have tried.

    I won't get into quadrant scores other than to say that the bionic wins here, TB second, and Charge as distant 3rd (until you root and run lagfix and then it is pretty close to the TB).

    In the end I like the Bionic the best. I am just a moto guy. I like the way the phone feels, the speed and the layout of the phone. It seems to have drawn from the best features of the OG droid and the DX. The Charge is second with the caveat that you have to root it and run lagfix. The polish of the operating system, stock apps and overall running of the phone is just not on par with the Bionic. (not to mention the speed) I hate to put the TB third but the small battery is just a killer on this phone. Really no excuse for an otherwise nice package. A big thing for me is that both the Bionic and TB have led indicator for missed calls, sms, email, etc. The Charge does not. You would not think that is a big deal until you live without it.

    Oh yea, also worth mentioning is that the root support for the Charge and TB is very good. Both have unlocked bootloaders which enable custom kernels. We'll have to see on the Bionic but if the DX is any indication we will be stuck with some limited options.

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  2. kingnut

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    I still think moto is sandbagging and could have made a better device. As far as exterior quality. Still hands down noone is touching moto's speed and reliability in the android world. Moto has been making quality phones for a couple decades now. I just wonder where they are gonna go now that google owns them.

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