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"Bionic" name a mistake by Motorola?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by schembfs, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. schembfs

    schembfs Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Motorola was probably just trying to take advantage of the interest generated by the original "Bionic" (codename: Etna) in CES 2011. In the end, I think it was a mistake that they named their next Verizon smartphone in the pipeline (codename: Targa) as the new "Bionic". Because now, many are saying that the "Bionic" was "delayed for 9 months". This "delay" has turned into one of the primary ammunition used by the haters. However, I believe that the "Targa" have always been meant to be released in 3Q/2011. And it was probably meant to be called Droid X3 or something else altogether. And while on the subject of names, anybody guessing what the "Dinara" going to be called when it's released? Bionic 2? X3? Droid PrimeX?

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  2. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    Haters don't need much ammo. . . Motorola failing to make a device and then instead of telling the truth about ditching it in favor of another one, they tried to make a switcheroo and thought no one would know any better. . . they did it themselves. Their lack of respect for the intellect of their customers is what tarnished their image.

    Simply saying "Hey everyone, we can't get the LTE to work right with the Etna, so we're scrapping it in favor of a new, different phone. You'll get faster processor, better screen, etc., just be patient, please. We're shooting for late summer", would have garnered a lot of respect and appreciation.

    But Motorola made a stupid mistake and will now be outsold by iPhone, Prime, probably Vigor, and who knows what else.
  3. rossman26

    rossman26 Member

    Han... you're working with some MAJOR assumptions there and I'm not entirely sold on them.
  4. dragma

    dragma Well-Known Member

    It is always easier to say what if, then see what will happen.

    Considering you don't mention which version of the iPhone, and the others are still in the Upcoming/Rumor categories, does not lead much credence in the above statement.

    Heck, people are already ably to purchase the Bionic even though it is one day before launch, does that sound like a phone that is destined to fail, not to me.

    Lets see what happens when and if the others launch and have sold for a while.
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  5. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    Haters gonna hate, regardless. It doesnt matter, just try to ignore em.

    Well, you are assuming that woulda happened. Ppl coulda took that and still ran to the hate parade with it.

    Lets say they did that....and still came with the specs it has now...guess what: the haters say its outdated.

    It doesnt matter....haters gonna hate. If the Bionic turns out to have very good battery life for an LTE phone, wont matter, haters gonna hate.
  6. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    If by "haters gonna hate" you mean anyone who thinks differently and disagrees with the opinion that the Bionic is wonderful in every respect, you're right.
    According to your definition, even black_man_x is a "hater" of the Bionic, even though he's used it and knows what he's talking about:

  7. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    I'm not following you...

    Haters gonna hate is just that. There are some ppl that dont want anything to do with a Samsung phone. So while the GS2 is probably THE best Android phone on the market right now...there are haters of the GS2. And for every praise one could have for the GS2...there are some who have negative things to say about it. And would choose the Bionic over it.

    Haters gonna hate, regardless.

    I dont think anyone really thinks the Bionic is wonderful in every aspect. The GS2 on the other hand....lol
  8. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    Okay, well I guess I just think "hate" is a stronger word than you do. It's not really an issue. But for what it's worth, I'm not a Moto "hater" (in my definition of the word). I have an OG Droid that I still love, and haven't seen a phone that should replace it until yes, the Bionic. If Prime wasn't on the horizon, I'd definitely get it.

    I'm just trying to keep an open mind about options. And reading the review of the Bionic on gottabemobile, I see that my initial expectations of the camera and the screen are correct. Since screen is most important to me, that's why it's a non-starter, for me.

    And yeah, I am a little ticked off at Motorola for the way they bungled this whole thing, but if I remember correctly, about 80% of posters a few months ago were pissed off too. I just happen to think that the product they came up with, while a great phone, just doesn't meet my expectations. That, to me, is not "hating".

    For example, I think that a cherry red, 1971 Corvette Stingray is a beautiful car. But it gobbles up gas like crazy. So I would never get one, even if I could afford it. Doesn't mean I "hate" the car. It's just not for me, and it's not for a lot of other people. I happen to think that the Bionic is a very nice looking phone, with blazing speeds in both processor and connectivity, but the screen and camera quality, as well as possible battery life, just kills it. For me.
  9. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    I LOVED the name "Bionic" the very first time I heard it. And I still LOVE it. I don't care who wants to whine about the delay at getting it to market. As far as I'm concerned, I think Motorola hit this one outta the park with naming this dual-core 4G LTE beast ...
    the DROID BIONIC! :cool:

    And ... umm ... what the hell is a "Targa"? :thinking: (rhetorical question) I probably wouldn't buy that phone just based on the name alone. Awful!!!
  10. MrHawley

    MrHawley Newbie

    I think most of the current crop of phone names are pretty stupid. Then again I'm suffering from gadget overload so what do I know <sigh>.
  11. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    I've felt that way for a long time, but the Android "Fit" and the "ChaCha" foretell the End of Times, as far as I'm concerned. :D
  12. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    If you thought I meant you in particular...I didnt. lol I meant haters in general for any product.

    I feel what you said was true for folks that have an open mind. If Moto woulda said what you said it woulda satisified some ppl. But haters, true haters, are never satisfied. Moto could do everything right as far as bootloaders, Amoled screens, specs, everything. And some folks would still find something to hate on.

    And some ppl just dont like Moto products. Thats why I say try your best to ignore the haters.

    I think me and you have different definitions of what a hater is. lol That quote from black man X cant be considered hate if he said it felt snappy, is a good device. Haters see nothing good about something.
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  13. xmr405o

    xmr405o Android Expert

    Alright...I've had it!!!

    No one is allowed to use "haters gonna hate" anymore!!! haha :p I'm hating on haters gonna hate.
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  14. jiznake

    jiznake Newbie

    I think there is no reason for moto to have to explain such detail to the general public. And if the first version they felt was a failure and not to release then that is good quality control of their engineering. Better to scrap a project than release a bad product. And if the marketing name is good, why not reuse it.
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  15. rossman26

    rossman26 Member

    I agree with Messenger that I actually like the Bionic name. In reality however I really don't care what they name it.. as long as it's functional and rocks, I'm good.

    As for your statement about holding off to make sure they released a solid product, TOTALLY agree. It's a credit to Motorola and refreshing that they decided to wait and release a great product while also quite sad also that this type of behavior is odd and stands out.
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  16. Lars

    Lars Android Expert

    Hopefully there are a lot of haters so I will have a chance to get one tomorrow. :D I'm so done with this backup Eris phone. Actually I'm kinda done with phones in general lately. I'll buy it. I'll root it and I'll be done. If there's an app that won't run because it's rooted, I'll hide root.
  17. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

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