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Bit Dissapointed So Far

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by david240968, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. david240968

    david240968 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    got my dhd earlier and cannot download anything from the market. everytime i get the error mesage "download unsussesful". ive just switched to android from an iphone 3gs and so have no idea what this error means and how to fix it but if its not gonna download apps it can go back to vodafone.

    anyone got any ideas???? help me.:thinking:

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  2. jonrwg

    jonrwg Well-Known Member

    Did you use wifi? I got the same problem when I use my mobile data. Under wifi no problem. I'm not sure why and this is my first android too. =D
  3. kungura

    kungura Member

    hmm weird.. for some reason, mid download in the market place (with wifi) it just pauses and doesn't move ... happened twice so far (already did the update).

    lets see
  4. miophone

    miophone Newbie

    something wrong with the market today. i can't download anything either :(
  5. russ3001

    russ3001 Lurker

    Hi Guys I'm a new user and had some problems today with d/l apps, try unmounting the sd card in the phone settings and then try d/l again, if sucessful remount the card.
    I believe it may be something to do with the new Android 2.2
    if this dosn't work disregard I suck...

  6. jonrwg

    jonrwg Well-Known Member

    hmm.. i doesn't have any problem when using wifi. LOL. Can dl all the apps.
  7. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Android Enthusiast

    No problems with mine so far.

    Recommend sign out sign into google...also clear market place cache if possible :)

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