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Bit the proverbial Bullet!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BriteSun, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. BriteSun

    BriteSun Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just joined the Forum the other day, and did a lot of thread reading since then. Well....today, I pulled the trigger and bit the bullet and got the Note 2!! Haven't had much of a chance to do anything with it yet, I want to give it a full charge before I start getting to know it! I'm excited though, and I know coming from an iPhone5 to Android is a big switch! But, I have 2 years to learn all about it! LOL
    I will continue to read threads to learn what I can from all the great people on the Forum and will post if I have questions (which I probably will!) or problems!
    Any advice right from the start from anyone would be welcome! Thanks!!!!:)

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  2. DonB

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  3. JunBringer

    JunBringer Android Expert

    You made the right choice! Welcome to the forums!
  4. evohicks

    evohicks Android Expert

    You will probably notice the battery life not being so good in the 1st few weeks as you can't put the damn thing down lol, but look below, just light/medium ish use and its all good.

  5. Caloy

    Caloy Android Expert

    Congrats on your purchase!

    I would suggest to get a quality case, not only because of protection, but also makes it easier to hold. The phone is a bit slippery to hold, and because of its larger screen size would be slightly easier to crack. I learned the hard (expensive) way when I dropped my phone knee high and cracked the screen. And since the phone was fairly new then, there were no parts to repair it, I had to shell out 200 to get my phone replaced with a brand new unit.

    Hope you have many sleepless nights enjoying your phone, like I had when I first got mine. Cheers!

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