May 11, 2011
I was using the Atrix's internet browser yesterday when the phone locked and then crashed. Seemed like quite a major heart failure :)

Took a couple of minutes before it slowly rebooted and came back to life.

Everything was fine with the phone except it had completely wiped all of the music files.

Anyone had any similar lock-ups/experiences?
I have had quite a few random restarts, but after I updated to 4.1.83, the random restarts seemed to go away, I only encountered one freeze while playing Ninjump yesterday, it froze and I couldn't do anything, I could only turn the display off with the power button, after a few minutes, a pop up asked if I wanted to force close, so I did, I was surprised that it just didn't restart like before
was tempted to get the atrix. however it does seem that reboot issues are still there since the milestone days.
How did you update it?

Mine is using system version 4.1.31 and when I click 'system updates' it says there are none.

I connected through wifi
Settings>About Phone>System Updates
it will then find the next update, not the most recent update, and update in order from 4.1.31 to 4.1.57, phone will restart, when it is done loading, do it system updates again and it will find 4.1.83
one of the big changes in the 4.1.83 update is
Improvements to prevent screen from freezing