Help Bizarre problem


My wife's new N7 was working fine and then the case we ordered from Amazon arrived. She installed the N7 in the case as per instructions and then it would lock up...the closed lock icon and the digital time display. If she is playing a game and sets the N7 in it's case down..the screen goes black. It seems that when the pad from the case and the N7 touch a surface, it goes black. Now at least she can resume the app that was running.
Is the N7 defective or is it something with the case...a Moko slim fit case.
Take it out of the case and it appears to work fine. Anyone have this happen before? Any advice? Can still swap it out for a new one at Staples.


It sounds like the case is interfering with the tablet somehow. The fact it works fine out of the case seems to support this. I'd get a new case.