Black and White TV

I notice a distinct difference between Black and White US TV shows shot in the 1950s compared to those shot in the 1960s. Anyone know why that might be?


Yeh, I'm pretty sure it's film vs videotape. That's why Star Trek: Original Series, made in the 60s, was re-released in true HD, because it was originally made using 35mm movie film. And something like Star Trek: Next Generation, made in the 80s, because that was made using NTSC videotape, that can never be in true HD.
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That's interesting. I was trying to look in to it.
I hadn't noticed.
70's TV like Columbo look OK on flat screen HD., but that's in Colour.

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This coincides with something I noticed only a few weeks ago, more related to curved CRT screens and aspect ratio.

A BBC channel were re - running Fawlty Towers from the early 70's. I recorded them on a HDD PVR to watch later.

Notice the set assistant, or whatever title, crouching to I think attach a fake roast duck (iirc) to the foot of Manuel to slip on as he came quickly back through the swing doors.

Maybe we would have seen it if home video recorders were a thing at that time. They knew they would get away with it for a split second on a broadcast, or else CRT TV's would not have shown that area.