black bars on the side of cable picture


Just got a revue yesterday but had no cable when I set it up (thanks Irene). Now that I have cable back when I turn the TV on there are black bars on the sides of the cable box picture. I did and redid the picture setup to no avail. Please help or this little black box is going back to best buy.


Android Expert
That would be it. SD channels are 4:3 aspect ratio. Here are some links on aspect ratios.
Widescreen-o-Rama! All About Aspect Ratios - The Letterbox and Widescreen Advocacy Page

Your TV was previously stretching or cropping the picture fou you, which you could have toggled off/off. Some people, myself included, consider this to be a mortal sin as you are degrading picture quality. Google TV sends out a HD signal all the time and I don't believe there is a setting to allow stretching or cropping. You TV probably doesn't allow you to change the presentation of a HD signal. Check the TV remote. If not you are stuck watching 4:3 content as it is.