Help Black screen after calling does not go away (2.3.5)


After the 2.3.5 update I'm having this problem where the proximity sensor during a call does not go away after the call ends, so I end up with a black screen.

The only way to remove this black screen is to plug the mobile as if I'm charging it.

It could possibly be due to the screen protector (according to a google search), but the SP was there even before the update and I had no problems before. I also had some internet problems with this new update (which I fixed).

Anyone else? Know any workarounds? Anyway I can turn off my proximity sensor maybe?

Thank you.

PS: Fiddling with the sensor near the LED sensor will confuse the mobile into thinking there's been movement, and so it will light up again.


I do not have this problem on mine and i have also got a protector applied... you should have it checked with company support... probably the proximity sensor has gone awry.


Hi guys,

I'm using an HTC Desire S on 2.3.3.

I started getting the blank screen after receiving a phone call. I would not be able to end it - I would have to rely on the other person doing it. I would then not be able to use the phone until I removed/reseated the battery.

Some people suggested a recalibration of the device but this had no effect.

I have done 2 things to the phone since then and haven't had any issues since (it's been 5 days now).

The first thing I did was to remove the personalised desk top photo - it was one I had taken stored in my Galleries. (I doubt this was the solution but you never know).

The second, more likely fix, was to remove the Screen Protector I had put on the phone. I never had any issues with the Screen Protector when the phone was using 2.3.3 OS.

The phone is working (for now!). I'm just paranoid about putting my phone and my door keys into the same pocket now!


Hi, i face the same problem, after a call some time screen went off, nothing can bring it on again :mad: But some time is just fine. Last time i was using CM7 on my HTC Aria without facing any problem :D This problem occur after i swift to CM7.2 and also CM9 ICS.

So, i assume my Proximity Sensor is in good condition (Working good in Previous version CM7). So, the problem might cause by some setting... so i try with some adjustment....

First, i turn the phone sleep policy to 30min. Coz from my experience, short call will normally won't cause the screen off after call, only long call will. So i assume this is cause by the screen off policy. just go to setting---> Display--->Sleep---->30min(Maximun. coz my device don't have any option to turn this off)

Second, i think this might be cause by the automatic backlight option! If u are using custom light level (CM7/9 normally come with custom light level setting). jz TURN IT OFF/ OR LEAVE THE OPTION UNTICK.

After i did this 2 adjustment, the problem had been solve. 1hrs call still manage to keep the screen on bck to normal ;)

i hope my experience help u all ^^