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black screen after installing ADW.Launcher

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Chriswaterguy, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Chriswaterguy

    Chriswaterguy Newbie
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    I installed ADW.Launcher today on my Galaxy S, and have ended up with a black screen. I'd like to fix it without a factory reset, if possible.

    Phone details:

    Galaxy S, Android 2.1, bought in Singapore, SingTel settings but bought it unlocked. Currently in Indonesia. (Can't look up Baseband Version, Kernel Version and Build Number on the phone now for obvious reasons.)

    What happened:

    A short while after installing ADW.Launcher, the Home button became unresponsive, and a minute or two later the phone restarted itself (the way it's done by itself a handful of times since I bought the phone - without going through the whole power down and power up sequences of sounds and graphics). Then I only had a black screen with date and time at the bottom, and the menu and back buttons lit up, and now I can't get the display back. It seems to start normally, with the logos and sounds, but just returns to that black screen with date and time.

    I know something's going on inside because I can swipe to unlock the screen (giving me a purely black screen). If I then press and hold Home, I get the haptic vibration that normally goes with the "recently used" menu. But if I randomly tap all over the black screen, and try to use the menu and back buttons (guessing where the menu items are) I get no response, and no haptic vibration.

    Holding down the power button gives me the usual power menu - I can select "Power off," but it restarts. I've removed the battery a couple of times, waited and replaced it - but no change.

    At first I thought it was related to my SIM card, as it did the self-restart thing yesterday about 20 min after I got a new SIM card. But doing a google search suggests that this problem is sometimes related to launchers. And I removed the SIM card and restarted (removing battery) and it didn't help.

    The closest I could find to an answer to this problem was in the Droid X forum: HELP! I uninstalled launcher pro, and now have a black screen! - The solution there was to do a factory reset. I'd really rather not do that, but may not have a choice.

  2. kxs783kms

    kxs783kms Member

    This seems to be a small bug that may become a big problem. If you can't install a 3rd party launcher without the screen going black, then that's not good. My wife's phone has gotten the black screen for the second time. It's rooted and running LauncherPro, but I did something in ADB that made me think I messed it up. The second time it went out by itself when she was using the phone for basic use, no ADB connected. (But I did reroot the phone and installed LauncherPro again prior.) Since I still had Superuser permissions the first time, I was able to reboot into recovery and do a factory reset. Only way I brought it back to life. Hopefully I can do the same thing this time also.

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