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Black Screen After Low Brightness Setting

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by girolez, Jun 1, 2011.

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    With my Wildfire S in France on Orange and my sister in law's in UK on a different network, this happens:

    If the phone is set on low brightness (using the "power" widget which came with the phone) and goes off or is turned off. When turned on with the power button on top, the backlight is completely off. Unless you can find the brightnes icon blind you have to take out the battery and reboot. This happens every time.

    I have asked HTC about this and they offer no solution or suggestions other than to switch to using "autobrightness" in the phone settings. It seems to be an issue with the 2.3.3 OS (Other apps can cause the same problem if you turn off with the brightness on minimum). I have not been able to check this with other phones using 2.3.3

    Hope this saves someone some time in trying to figure out what causes the black screen.

    (Posted this in Desire S forum by mistake earlier - sorry)

    HTC have now confirmed that this is how the Wildfire S behaves and that a 3rd party app is needed if you wish to use a "low" brightness setting. I have found that and app called "Brightness Profiles" works if you edit the "low" setting to be at 5% or more. Less than this and the black screen happens. No doubt there are other equally good apps that can overcome this problem.


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