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Black Status bar....?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ThatOneDude05, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. ThatOneDude05

    ThatOneDude05 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I've seen a few phones with the status bar being black and it looks awesome anyone know how to do that. Thanks everyone

  2. vtroid5

    vtroid5 Well-Known Member

    are you rooted? you need to be to get the black status bar.
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  3. ThatOneDude05

    ThatOneDude05 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    No not rooted... a little afraid to root at this point, what exactly can you do when you root
  4. vtroid5

    vtroid5 Well-Known Member

    wifi tethering...some root only apps....take a look around this section there is a lot of info on rooting
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  5. ECFfighter7232

    ECFfighter7232 Android Expert

    and the black status bar you want lol. I rooted for the sole purpose of getting the black status bar lol
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  6. Steven58


    Don't be afraid of rooting. I'm an idiot and I was able to easily and successfully achieve root. It's one-step rooting. Install the app on your PC. Choose the app debug box in apps (settings) and you're set. Boom. Done. There's a youtube on it, I believe.

    There's even a 1-step unroot selection box, if you care to unroot for when 2.2 comes.

    I hope you do it!
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  7. Exiled

    Exiled Android Enthusiast

    You need to install a theme to get black status bar. You also need to be rooted in order to install a theme. You can get a theme by using ADB or the terminal emulator app on your rooted phone to install the framework and services files to get the black bar, then metamorph can install themed apps. Check out Fabolous's themes in the root section of this board. There are 2: NexTheme has a black bar with colored status icons, and REVOlution has a black bar with mostly white status icons.
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  8. ECFfighter7232

    ECFfighter7232 Android Expert

    or, I didnt want the full theme just the black bar so I only installed the framework and services part. Great thing about these phones, its your to do as much or as little as youd like with. rooting just helps give you that option to do more then "factory"
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  9. ThatOneDude05

    ThatOneDude05 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Awesome thanks guys... ill check out the root section, do you guys recommend the easy root app in the market or should i go a different way
  10. WalmartSecurity

    WalmartSecurity Android Enthusiast

  11. ThatOneDude05

    ThatOneDude05 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I think im going to try this whole rooting extravaganza :)! Any advice of what I should do or shouldn't do before I do it and what I shouldn't do after I get rooted. I ready a few places that if I delete certain apps I won't be able to get the FROYO OTA update when that comes around.
  12. bosox2k1

    bosox2k1 Android Enthusiast

    I got Titanium Backup (paid version) and I froze certain apps, which prevents them from working ( a lot of the bloatware). I can easily "unfreeze" them if I need to for an update in the future.

    Really it seems like you can do anything cause if you screw up your phone, there are ways to get it back to the point it was at when you un boxed it.
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  13. ThatOneDude05

    ThatOneDude05 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I just searched for it in the Market and only found a free version :). Looks like ill get that. So I root then download and freeze certain apps like City ID and Blockbuster etc..
  14. bosox2k1

    bosox2k1 Android Enthusiast

    You will need to get the paid version. Once you download the free version and open it, you will see an option to donate for the complete version where you can freeze, etc. He will have to send you an authorization code that may take a half a day to get to you because he sends them out via email.

    There is a thread stickied in this forum on which bloatware apps are safe to freeze or disable. I followed that, but then again that was before all this "custom recovery" and sbf were introduced. Now it seems you can get rid of anything and by the off chance you brick your phone, you can bring it back to life.
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  15. ThatOneDude05

    ThatOneDude05 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Awesome thanks man! Im going to read into it more tomorrow and give it a shot. Thanks again for the info.
  16. Paycer

    Paycer Android Enthusiast

    Hello, fellow Nebraskan. :D

    You can root your device for absolutely nothing and it's just as easy as the application on the Market. EasyRoot costs money, but you don't have to pay any money for the other methods that are out there if you don't want to.



    GUI DroidX Root Program - Windows Only - Droid X Rooting - AllDroid Public Board - GUI DroidX Root Program - Windows Only - Droid X Rooting - AllDroid Public Board - AllDroid.org > Home

    You can also do it manually from your phone via this thread: http://androidforums.com/all-things-root-droid-x/131395-how-root-without-adb.html

    Lastly, if you're at least somewhat technologically adept, you can do it manually through your computer and an ADB shell.

    NE weather has outright sucked for the past few months huh? I'm tired of this damn heat and humidity. :(
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  17. bosox2k1

    bosox2k1 Android Enthusiast

    My gf just moved from Omaha to Boston for me :) Lots of Nebraskan ties in the house!
  18. ThatOneDude05

    ThatOneDude05 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Awesome!!! Yeah this weather has been brutal... this past tuesday was beautifull since it only got to 69 but the heat is back with the humidity again haha.... i downloaded a root and its sitting on my laptop as we speak, id rather do it eight on my phone so ill look into that one as well thanks ....oh and GO BIG RED :)
  19. Petree28

    Petree28 Lurker

    I rooted my droid 2 without a computer. You only need your phone. Its really easy. I would like to know if you can do the black status bar without attaching the phone to the computer. If anyone knows how to does this please post directions or a link. Thanks
  20. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

    Download a blurry rom (like Rubix Blurry or DarkSlide) with your phone, then use recovery to backup your current setup and install the rom. Keep the original backup to restore back to stock for the next OTA. Other roms can be found here. The Rom has to match your current kernel version. I assumed you got the OTA update to 340? If not you should do that first.

    There are other roms, like Apex, but they require more work, like re-installing missing apps if you use stock email/messaging. Blurry roms have the bloat removed so next step up from stock. Roms that have all/most blur removed will be more work.

    I'd recommend installing Titanium Backup and do a full backup first tho.

    FWIW, DarkSlide and Apex come already themed dark.
  21. bamaboy74

    bamaboy74 Lurker

    I just got into all of the rooting stuff. I have titanium pro. Should i go ahead and back up everything? Or just some things???
  22. cultldr

    cultldr Android Enthusiast


    WOW, sorry for the necro of the thread, i was 3/4 of the way thru after replying and looked at the date lol oops!
  23. jacko1

    jacko1 Android Enthusiast

    look for z4root apk. Google search
    then download rom manager. market place
    download Droid x bootstraper. Google search or market place
    in rom manager there's. big ole status bar download
    through rom manager then your done
    hope that helps

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