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Blackberry user can't wait

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nancyh1990, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. nancyh1990

    nancyh1990 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 20, 2010
    I have been user of the curve and now to the Tour. On the music side, I have my iTouch.
    I am on the list for the Evo. Need to prepare the transition once the phone arrives.
    I live and die with the outlook calendar, contacts, memo. All the info is sync via Blackberry DM via blue tooth. I do NOT use the exchange server.
    As importantly, I have (3) email accounts with yahoo.com and getting these emails right away is as imperative.
    1) Since I have over 2300 contacts, calendar events going back to 2006 (need to keep all these) and 400 memos, I need to start transferring this info over to the Android equivalent. What is the Android equivalent?
    2) Any easy way of transferring all the iTune songs and video to the Evo?

    Thanks for your expertise.


  2. SprintFun

    SprintFun Well-Known Member

    Mar 31, 2010
    Columbus, OH
    Welcome to the forums!

    While I don't have direct answers to your questions, I'd suggest using the Search function in the Android Apps section...I'm sure something exists out in the wild.
  3. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2010
    ELP Engineer @ National Instruments
    Austin, TX
    as far as contacts go, just create a google account if you don't have one already then you can sync all you contacts on your PC to "the cloud" and then when they are on there as soon as you turn on your EVO the first time and sign in using the same google account it will automatically transfer then to your phone :)

    i have already done this and it is set up and ready to go :)
  4. LatinP

    LatinP Well-Known Member

    Apr 12, 2010
    The Android equivalent or at least the application used to auto sync contact/calendar/memos to from your phone is your GMail account. Your information once stored on the phone gets auto sync'ed and uploaded to google servers. To get the information from a BB to an Android phone I've used Google Berry I cant find the url in my bookmarks I might have cleaned it out a few days ago but try to search for it. As far as itunes and yahoo I have no clue I'm sorry.

    EDIT: Just asked my brother he's an avid Blackberry user he found a simple way without trying to go crazy looking for programs. To mass import contacts from a BB to android sync with the usb cable to outlook. Then exported the contacts to a .csv file and imported that in gmail. Viola! I know how painful it can be to have several hundred or sometimes thousand contacts. Once they're in gmail a backup is automatically made on gmail servers so rest assured next time you'll only need a username and password and the phone will import everything for you.
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  5. Pity410

    Pity410 Active Member

    Mar 24, 2010
    I do not have an android phone yet, but like you I will be coming to the evo from Blackerry. However I do not have near as many contacts or calendar events as you do. I was reading a while back on the differences between BB and Android. The one thing that really stood out that pertains to your questions is that the android calendar/gmail automatically deletes calendar events that are older than a month. Maybe this has changed or maybe I just misunderstood what the person was trying to explain. From the sounds of it the calendar is very important to you so you should definitely read up on it. I believe it was on crackberry in the android section where I read about this.
  6. nancyh1990

    nancyh1990 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 20, 2010
    I have spent my whole day off searching for sync between Android and outlook. I have not found a way to sync Outlook Notes. Companionlink was a possibility until I read the user feedback.
    This is a shame. Until there is a solution, I am forced to stay with the dinosaurs. Arghhhh.
  7. vuvision

    vuvision Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2010

    Try Gsyncit it's a paid program ($14.99) and worth every penny. I've been using this program for the last 8 months, automatically synchronized all my 2,000+ Outlook contacts & calendar to Google's cloud without a hitch. Once all your contacts are uploaded to Google, then the OTA synchronization to your Android phone will take over, it's a cinch! I highly recommend this program.



    • Coming Soon: Outlook 2010 64-bit support. (beta available)
    • Outlook Task Sync with Google Calendars available in v2.0
    • Sync Outlook notes, calendars, and contacts with Google services.​
    • Synchronize multiple Outlook calendars, contacts, and notes folders with Google services.​
    • Synchronize and filter Gmail contacts using Gmail groups and Outlook categories.​
    • Synchronize contacts, calendars and notes using Outlook categories.​
    • Automatically matches entries to reduce duplicates entries from being created.​
    • Supports configurations for different Outlook profiles.​
    • Secure sync and tons of other options.​

    Now, if you want to sync your contacts to Google (then let Google to sync them to your Android phone via OTA), download this app to your BB.

    Google Sync for your phone
  8. Roddy

    Roddy Well-Known Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    Will GSyncit work with Lotus Notes as well? or do anyone know how I can sync my lotus notes info?

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