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BlackBerry user now using Motorola Pro+

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by mdrejhon, Apr 19, 2012.

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    I finally picked up a Motorola Pro+ which has a great BlackBerry-style keyboard.

    I've gotten started with a few basics to replace useful BlackBerry apps. Most apps are obvious, but there are a bunch:

    Custom colors for LED notifications:
    ..."Light Flow" for Android replaces "BeBuzz" for BlackBerry
    ...I also tried the "No Led" app to make my screen flash instead of LED, before I found out my Motorola already had a custom-color LED built in.

    ..."GO Launcher", modified to custom grid of 5 wide by 4 tall; more BlackBerry-familiar.

    Since I am a fan of compact screen layouts (I hate padded layouts), I'm still hunting for that perfect email and/or SMS app that allows me to display twice as many lines of subjects in my Inbox, but it seems the Play Store is quite well-stocked with lots of options. Time will tell what substitues I find to be more right at-home for a person that's been using BlackBerries for 10 years (while also carrying an iPod Touch).

    Google "BlackBerry 75 WPM" to see why I'm pretty hardcore about physical keyboards.

    I'm still learning various tricks, but I can say I'm already programming software for Android, before I owned an Android phone. It's a lot of fun, except the battery life of an Android phone! (But the battery analytics software on Android phones are pretty impressive, too.)

    Mark Rejhon

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    Welcome aboard. Thanks for joining the community. :)

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