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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by VicMatson, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. VicMatson

    VicMatson Newbie
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    Just a thought. Now that the new Nexus 7 has LTE support for Verizon and AT&T, how can a carrier blacklist it because of lack of payment? For example you have put a Nexus 7 on a Verizon contract and defaulted on the account, can they prevent the use of the tablet on AT&T? Could relieve, and increase it's resale value, don't you think?

    I got stung by buying a clean ESN phone from ebay, only to get it shut off after a month or so.

  2. marc12868

    marc12868 Android Expert

    1. they could blacklist if it has an IMEI or any other sort of identifying serial number.

    2. if you defaulted they can't even blacklist the tablet... Unless for some reason they start selling it on contract... That would be the only way. If you buy the tablet at best buy or the play store, or the like the only thing they could do is close the account. They aren't allowed to blacklist a device that they don't own.

    The whole reason behind blacklisting a device is for people who are on contracts leasing the device. And that is what you are doing when you get a subsidized device. You pay a down payment and then pay the reset of the device off within your plan over the 2 years (or whatever length of contract you have). If within that 2 years you fail to pay, then of course they are going to blacklist the device because you don't own the device, and they don't want you going onto a different carrier with their device you are using. Now after that 2 years or if you aren't in a contract they aren't able to do anything with the device since they don't own it anymore and it is legally yours.

    Or there is always the device was stolen thing too. If a device is stolen then the IMEI can always be blacklisted, but as long as you own the device and you bought it outright in the case of the nexus 7 they can close your account but can't blacklist your device for non use on another network.

    I know this is a lot, but in order to really understand why they can or can't you have to understand how the contract system works ;).

    TL;DR: If the device is bought outright they can't blacklist it in any shape, form, or way (unless it is a stolen device). If the device is bought on contract with a down payment, they have every right to blacklist for non use on other networks since they still own the device.

    I hope this provides some insight :)
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  3. VicMatson

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    So it looks like the bad phone I bought was good to go, but some time after I bought it the original owner stopped paying his/her bill? If thats the case the ebay seller may not have known because it was still good at the time of the sale to me! If true, no more ebay for me!

    Seems to me that a carrier would disclose that it might happen just by saying pending and a date.

    I am going to buy an Lte Nexus 7.2 when they come out, but after some research, I think they will offer a prepay, at or about, the same price as contract one. Maybe they will offer a discount, but how much could that be on a $350.00 device! In my case buying outright so it can't be blacklisted might improve it's resale value! Nexus 8 for me, if you get my drift.
  4. marc12868

    marc12868 Android Expert

    Ahh yea people not paying their bill can do that to a device :/ And it makes the next buyer have to pay off the bill before it can get off the blacklist. And yea as far as paying prepaid the only carrier that really has an difference in price paying for a device per month whether bought outright or subsidized is T-Mo. So I don't really see them giving you a discount, but hey you never know! The worse they can say is no :).

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