Help Blank Home Screen when Waking phone?


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Hey all,

Has anyone had any of this? My phone would be in my pocket, but if I were to take it out and check my mail, the screen would be blank. I would see the wallpaper and the 3 icons on the bottom of the screen (phone, application drawer, and contacts).

It'd lag for a bit before things show up. When I say lag, I mean a pretty significant lag.



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Start to have significant issues like that in the last few days ever since I installed launcher pro don't know if the two are connected. But every day since day one something elder occurs but trying to hold out before exchanging or returning. I am sure Moto will have a patch for the issues as the complaints pile up. Besides that I love the X and don't want to loose it.


I believe that is just a inherent lag with the android os, my droid 1 also had a lag issue, the more programs installed the larger the probability for lag issues, i noticed the launcher lag, but also a lag with the scroll of the program, menu


I've had this happen a few times also. The screen is exactly as you describe it. I hit the home button when it happens and all of the icons come up again. Weird. It happens to me when i exit an app usually.


I was having those issues too. The screen would go completely black and unresponsive. After about 30 seconds or so I could double tap the home button and the Voice Comands would come up. I would usually have to restart the phone. I think mine might have been related to the Fancy Widget I was running. I noticed it made my phone lag quite a bit, and would often fail to update. Since I removed it I haven't had the black screen.


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It's happened a few time to me also. Maybe 5 second delay (aka - eternity) at most. Sometimes it's on wake, sometimes it's when exiting an app.

It was worse when I would use ATK to kill multiple tasks. I stopped using and uninstalled ATK. Now I use Memory Usage to surgically extract apps from the memory occasionally.