Block internet access

Is it safe to block background internet on all apps, including system apps?

Will I run into problems? Will my phone misbehave?


Android Expert
There are two sorts of blocking as far as this post goes- background and total.

Background blocking will stop an app from using data when the app is not in the foreground, ie. being used by the user right now.

The type of blocking provided by an app such as NoRoot Firewall (an app I use btw) is total, but can be adjusted by the user.

Background blocking allows the user to open the app and have it use data- ie. make internet connection- while it is being used, while a firewall will completely block connection unless a user chooses to allow some or all connections.

When using background blocking, an app may seem slow to make some connections, and there may be delay in notifications.

As far as problems and behavior, the delay in notifications and app connections are really the most common issues.