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Block Runner

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by AndroidJobo, Sep 16, 2011.

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    There are two versions of Block Runner on the market; A 'standard' and a lite.

    Download Standard From Market (price: $1)
    Download Lite Version From Market (price: free)

    Block Runner is a casual 3D game for passing time.
    Tilt your phone to avoid an endless amount of blocks in different formations while the difficulty increases every 20th second!

    You have lots of opportunities to increase your score, such as avoiding blocks in certain ways, collecting bonusses and much, much more!

    Block Runner contains extremely high quality sound effects and soundtrack, made by recognized composer Remo Ferdenzi.

    Supports SD card;
    - Save data to SD card (optional - default is device)
    - Move Block Runner to SD card (optional - default is device)

    * Switch between 6 difficulties while still increasing every 20th second
    * Enable/disable scrolling text updates (disabling increases performance drastically on low-performance devices)
    * Toggle soundtrack and sound (on/off)
    * Compete to finish among the top 5 high scores on your device
    * Adjust tilt sensitivity
    * Switch between storing save file(s) on device or SD card
    * Blocks change color every 20th second
    and much, much more...

    Hope you enjoy the game!

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