Blocking Web-Based Market Installation Without Root


Sep 11, 2011
I was wondering if it possible to prevent app installations by going to the web market and installing from there. I saw one thread in the forum here where people said they blocked the DownloadManager process by using DroidWall, but that requires root (which I do not have and I was looking to avoid rooting my phone). I have a strong email password, but still wanted to prevent this function from being usable. Thanks for all help!!
Thanks El Presidente, that's a good consideration and I'll add it to my security layer, I hadn't considered that despite being offered it repeatedly by Google :) I'm still looking for anything that will block uploading by the web market if someone has account access, if anyone has suggestions there. Thanks!
I think the suggestion given is all that you need. In order to install from the web, one would need to be logged into your google account. If you prevent access to your google account, then there is no problem.

I don't think there is any other way to handle this without root, unless you just leave your phone disconnected from the internet all the time.