Bloo and pictures


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I am currently using Bloo as my Facebook ap. When I had my Blackberry, the phone was able to pull my contacts pictures from facebook. Is this possible with Bloo or any other facebook ap? Thanks


what phone do you have?

The way i did it was to go into my contacts list, then choose the person and then go over a couple tabs i think maybe to the "albums"?? Then it gives you an option to link with their facebook page.

Then once you link with their page it asks if you want to use contact photo and birthday. Kinda a pain in the ass though, cuz you have to do it for everybody


The way that Tofu explained connects them, but I don't think it is through Bloo

I use the HTC Droid Eris and I have been going through my friends on bloo/FB, going to the info page, menu, merge contact. It will put their full FB name in your contacts I don't think it does photo albums (tofu's way does...I think). It's a bummer cuz you have to do all of them individually. I can't really figure out an easier way.

Side note: I think the FB profile picture is the trump all for pictures, I had Gmail pictures set for everyone and they all changed when I merged FB with their contact.