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Bloo - Facebook 1.4.4d Beta: Best Facebook app for android by far

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by beezer123, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. beezer123

    beezer123 Member
    Thread Starter

    Dec 31, 2009
    Everyone loves social networking and of course everyone loves keeping up to date with their friends on the move. Bloo is perfect for keeping up to date with your friends Facebook and also keeping them up to date with yourself.

    The layout is simple and you?re greeted with this homescreen once you boot up the application.


    As you can see this allows you to view:

    * Inbox
    * Feed
    * Profile
    * Friends
    * Photos
    * Events

    The Feed

    The feed is basically your friends feed and status updates. Here you can view your friends status updates and you also have the ability to ?like? or comment on their updates. You can also view their latest photo uploads.


    This is just your profile and it lets you view all your own updates along with comments and likes.


    All of your friends can be found here and you can just navigate to their name and view their profiles. Friends are sorted Alphabetically by Surname, making it easier to find those friends you want to snoop on as quickly as possible. You can also keep track of your friends birthdays with notifications on who?s birthday?s are on the current day.


    Here you have the ability to view your own photos by album. You can tag photos and edit the captions on your photos. Also the best part of this is that you can upload your photos to the album. This is handy for sharing your photos whilst on the move. Say you spot something when out and about that you just can?t wait to share with your friends. Then this is right up your street.


    Everyone gets invites to events on Facebook and this is one of the handiest parts of Bloo. You can sync the events that you are going to go along to and have them added to the calendar on your phone meaning you?ll never miss party or gig again. You will also find maps with directions to the event and if the organiser has added a flyer you can view this here too.

    On the home screen you can find a ?share? button which lets you update your status to share with the world of Facebook. This lets you share a text, video or link update with your friends.

    As this application runs in the background you will be notified of any comments, likes, updates, friend requests and more and they will all appear in the notifications bar at the top of your Android phone.

    I have tried almost all of the facebook applications that are available for free on the android marketplace and I have to say that for me Bloo wins hands down. It has the best features of all the applications and allows you to do more than any of the other applications.

    Bloo rating 4.5/5


  2. tanjarine

    tanjarine Member

    Jun 18, 2015
    Hi, thanks for the review.

    Some questions...
    Does it show the 'Other' inbox too?
    Can you set the Feed by 'Most Recent' and it stay this way each time?
    Can you permanently opt to avoid seeing what people have 'liked' in the Feed?
    Can you opt out of receiving notifications, ie when it's running in the background?


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