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Bloo - The Facebook App For Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by RozzaC, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. RozzaC

    RozzaC Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So....has anyone here bought this?

    What are your thoughts on it?

    I haven't got around to buying it just yet as I was a little skeptical.

    But it seems he's doing well, especially with making quick fixes to bugs and stuff....so I may buy it if he continues this level of work.

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  2. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Android Expert

    I thought about it, but I can't rationalize paying for an app. It takes about a week or two before I decide if I like an app, so there goes the "return policy". Plus Facebook is free, due to ad support. Thus he's cutting facebook's advertisers out by making his app ad-free. I doubt facebook is getting a cut of his profits, either. That's only going to last for so long before it starts to affect FB's bottom line and forces them to make a handful of un-fun decisions (like making you pay for facebook access).
  3. DanGrover

    DanGrover Newbie

    Isn't m.facebook.com ad-free anyway?
  4. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Android Expert

    At the moment, yes, but that won't last forever. Expect that to change as more people use the mobile web version and fewer use the full site. The revenue generated from the ads make facebook possible.
  5. halldorr

    halldorr Newbie

    I picked it up, figured for $1.49 it's nothing to grab an app I'll use. I like it very much so far, he makes very frequent/quick updates and actually gets Facebook devs to look into issues.

    I'm happy with it so far :)
  6. DanGrover

    DanGrover Newbie

    Well perhaps, but your point was that he's cutting their support by cutting out the ads. Facebook themselves offer an ad-free version, so it doesn't matter which you use, you're still not seeing ads. You made it sound like he was actually doing something that Facebook themselves aren't doing.
  7. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Android Expert

    No I didn't, you read that into my post.
  8. tekkitan

    tekkitan Lurker

    Some people don't want to use the mobile Facebook site. It's interface is lacking. Making a native Facebook app like what was done with Twitter is a step in the right direction.

    The first one out was Babble (now Babbler). Both the same price. I like Babbler more, but I have Bloo as well and it isn't bad. It takes a long time to load the feed though, which is why I went back to Babbler.

    edit: also the paid version of Babbler has a widget
  9. shelbing

    shelbing Lurker

    The facebook mobile site is severely lacking compared to the fbook app I was using. Did anyone else use that or know what happened to it? Mine somehow became corrupted and now I can't reinstall it. How do the other apps compare?
  10. RozzaC

    RozzaC Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The mobile version of Facebook is lame....

    I'd rather load up the full version on my G1 than use the mobile version...
  11. shelbing

    shelbing Lurker

    The full site doesn't render properly on my G1.
  12. marka87uk

    marka87uk Newbie

    You can use iphone.facebook.com too which is a slightly different mobile version - not sure how that renders though as I don't have an Android phone (yet).
  13. shelbing

    shelbing Lurker

    I tried it. It renders fine, but it's no better. You still can't see your notifications or comments made on your posts, unless I'm missing something.
  14. marka87uk

    marka87uk Newbie

    Now I have a Hero, I can see what you mean. Mobile site renders great but lacks much needed features such as commenting on posts, liking, etc. Shame that Facebook have not added those to the mobile site.

    The full version works OK but rendering isn't too great - the bottom bar appears half way down the page and you can't click on the notifications bubble.

    May have to try out that app!

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