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Blooming Flowers : Merge Flowers : Idle Game (by Urmobi)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by iTP, Sep 2, 2020.

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    Merge flowers to move forward and earn more coins! Blooming Flowers is an addicting merge idle game! Blooming Flowers combines classic mechanics and features of merge games, and also complements the usual gameplay with the best solutions and features typical for idle and merge games. This game will allow you to spend hours collecting flowers and discover new things!

    Amazing gaming experience!

    Merge and Combine - merge flowers of the same level to unlock new ones and increase your profits!
    EARN - earn coins while your flowers are growing in the garden, even if you are offline! Use coins to buy new flowers!
    DISCOVER - unlock new awesome flowers with each level!
    RELAX - this game sets itself apart from others with its adaptive, simple and meditative gameplay!

    Other features:

    80 unique flowers!
    Incredible boosters - from coin multipliers to time rewind!
    Double your offline earnings every time you play! A real idle game.

    Enjoy the gameplay, relax and earn coins by merging the same flowers and discover new ones.
    Unite, discover, earn coins and become the best florist among others!


    Download link:

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Blooming Flowers : Merge Flowers : Idle Game

Blooming Flowers : Merge Flowers : Idle Game Forum


August 21, 2020
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