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Blow Up (LITE): simple logic = simple fun for a few hours

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by wrights13, Jun 8, 2010.

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    After playing "Blow Up (Lite)" for a few hours, I believe I have run through the "compelling" fun aspect of the game. After putting it away for a few days, it was still enjoyable for a quick 5 minute play now and then.

    The premise is rather simple. You get two types of dynamite small and larger (you start off with only the smaller type for the first few levels a double sized blast is open on level 6 and higher).

    You find a place to put the dynamite on wooden rafters to see if you can blow up the structure so that it will collapse. Each level gets progressively more difficult to find the right placement of dynamite to blow up the structure to get it to fall.

    You win when you can blow up the structure such that it falls below the dotted line. You get bonus points (stars and points) if you use less dynamite and if you can get the panda (why a panda?... I don't know) to fall so it hits a rotating star that is placed somewhere in the structure.

    It is a rather simple premise and although the levels do get harder to collapse the structure as they go up, in the end, I think most people will find anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 or 2 hours will fill your curiosity with this game.

    One aspect that was mildly disappointing was that the dynamite didn't seem to make much of a blast... and you would expect the wood to go flying. It doesn't. In some cases, it just blows away small chunks of what it was attached to.

    I think if the game had more destructive realism to go with the collapsing physics, I would have enjoyed it more, and there could have been better long term interest as more styles or tactics could be used to achieve the goal.

    In the end, if you are looking for a quick bit of blow up fun, this is worth playing or trying it out to see if it finds a niche in your game app collection. More levels or a bigger bang with the dynamite might make the enjoyment last longer, but I still found it a worthy and fun time waster... even my kids (under 10 yrs old) enjoyed trying to find the right place for the dynamite to blow things up.


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