Blu tooth will not connect when streaming..

Milo Williamson

Android Expert
So I just fastboot my cell, I just cleaned it out, and still, the blue tooth devices will not synch, meanwhile, in the app they do work with about surrounding speech and everything, I even put the t.v. on mute, it has no bloody blu tooth at all. So my question it has synch in the past, how come it will snych with my cell right about now, started a few hours ago.


What do you mean by "synch", and what are your devices?

I often use various BT headphones and speakers, those don't synch, they just connect and can play music, podcasts, YouTube sound, etc. or do phone calls through them.

Milo Williamson

Android Expert
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Had to turn off the machine, soft reboot, had to binary switch of my hearing aids, remove app, forget devices. Around oh 100 times or so, since around two in the afternoon, about an hour ago, the problem solved itself... So yeah... Electronics: 0.

Milo: 2.