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Blue tooth discoverability

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Billy1036fm, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Billy1036fm

    Billy1036fm Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Have X10 and works generally OK.

    I have a query though with the blue tooth discoverability. When I set it, it counts down from 120 secs and then switches off.

    Is there a way that it can be made permanently discoverable so that anyone searching for my phone can find it.

    I have noticed that if I try to find my car sat nav it doesn't always find it straight away and times out after 2 mins and stops looking for it. So annoying.

    Any ideas please how to make it permanent?

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  2. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Android Enthusiast

    Bluetooth can be a bit confusing but I think this is a simple situation for you. Once you have gotten the devices paired together there should not be a need to put the phone into discovery mode.

    In fact I believe this option is hidden until you enable it, simply enabling Bluetooth does not make your phone discoverable.

    You're going to have to figure out what sequence works best for setting up your Bluetooth when you get in the car. For some people it is having the phone on and ready with Bluetooth going first, for others it is having the car's Bluetooth on and ready to connect before enabling bluetooth on the phone.

    When working and paired correctly, which device has bluetooth on first shouldn't matter but some head unit and phone combination's can be finicky.

    To answer your question, no there is not a way to prolong the period of time in which your phones Bluetooth is discoverable. This is mostly for security reasons - if anybody and everybody could connect to your phone via Bluetooth whenever it is "on" all your personal information would be stolen with routine success, especially in populated areas.
  3. nycdave

    nycdave Member

    with my nokia i was able to set a pin upon connection on the bluetooth connection. why is this not an option with the android OS with bluetooth always discopverable. so stupid!!!!!!!!!

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