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blue tooth problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jonnnyboy57, Nov 20, 2014.

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    So I just recently got a g3 vigor. And I'm having a problem with my Bluetooth saying "unfortunately, Bluetooth has disconnected" every time I open my Spotify app . I re downloaded the app and still having this problem. Especially frustrating in the car. Any help appreciated

  2. bigbadhank

    bigbadhank Lurker

    I bought four LG G3 Vigor phones from Sprint in Sept. All four phones have the same problem with bluetooth. As best I can tell it's a problem with having the bluetooth turned on the phone (so even if it isn't paired to a bluetooth device) and I try to stream audio. So if I play music on the phone itself there isn't a problem but programs like Pandora, NextRadio, and Spotify will give the message "Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped." (I don't know why but google music can stream music just fine, but that's the only streaming service that doesn't seem to have the problem). When I first got the phones it happened every now and than now it happens the moment I turn on Pandora with the bluetooth turned on.

    I called LG back in Sept to let them know that there must be a protocol problem with audio on the Vigor, they said I was the only one who had complained so it must be my phone, I told them I have four and they all do it. They told me to factory reset the phone. After calling back a few times doing all the little things they asked they told me to send in the phone in for repairs, under the warranty. I paid 15 bucks to send in the phone and got it back 2 weeks later with no fix and a message saying they fixed the SD card slot (which made so sense). I called them again and talked to a supervisor who told me he'd take are of it to make sure it was fixed and checked before it was sent back to me. I sent the phone in again and got it back 2 weeks later with no fix (but at least this time it said they replaced the bluetooth module, but they didn't test it). I called again and said the name of the supervisor I talked to the previous time, they said they don't have a supervisor by that name, but if I send my phone in again they'd look at it. Once they told me there wasn't a supervisor with that name I know LG was just going to be a blackhole and I didn't want to be without my phone any longer so I tried the sprint repair people to see if they could help. The guy was super nice and said there was some talk on the repairman forums. His official suggestion was to send it in again if LG said to send it in, his unofficial advice was to wait until the Lollipop update and see if that fixes it.

    So that's were I am in the bluetooth saga. It's really sucky since the phones work really well in every other way, but it's really annoying that I can't listen to Pandora in the car. With no word on when Lollipop will come to the Vigor I don't know what to do next. I've paid $1250 dollars for four phones that can't do something as basic as bluetooth.

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