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General Bluestacks now has no Logout of Game icon.

Discussion in 'BlueStacks Devices' started by Kiotii, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. Kiotii

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    Sep 17, 2016

    Sep 17, 2016
    Hi. I use Bluestacks 2 Native, latest version but the issue I am having now is the same no matter what version of Bluestacks I use....from 0.9 to the latest version. I only use Bluestacks to play Criminal case game.
    I Use PC running Win7x64 Ultimate fully updated...also have Win 10x64 on another hard drive. Have same issues with both Op Systs.
    Here are the issues:
    1/ I can now only log into my Crim case using my FBID and password. I have 3 FB accounts and also used to be able to sign into friends FB to play their Crim case as they didn't have resources to do it....because when I logged out of mine I could click the Crim Case Icon and sign in as any of the FBID's/Passwords I had....can't do that now.
    2/When playing CC in BS at the end of doing analysis and playing scenes, I would click a small blue cog at top left of the game window and go through 2 steps to Logout of CC and FB and that would save Progress made in BSCC to FBCC... that blue cog no longer exists so I cannot sign out of BSCC and save progress to FBCC...consequently I have to wait the 36 hours for autopsy to be finished because having set date ahead 2 days in BS Settings before playing CC in BS, the analysis would be completed when I got into CC in BS. So it is a complete waste of time to use it now as it is. Shame really, I could finish a case in 2-3 hours instead of a week having to wait for the analysis to be completed!!!! PITA really.
    Anyone with any ideas to fix the issues I am experiencing, please post here. I have had this happening for weeks/months and only for past 3-4 weeks it has made it I only get one sign in name to use and the Missing Blue Sign out cog.
    I have sent error reports to both Crim Case and BS and have had nothing in return apart from email acknowledging receipt and being told that my submitted error report will be looked into.
    Thanks in advance


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