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Bluetooth 2.1 the Good/Bad News

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by astrobill, May 19, 2010.

  1. astrobill

    astrobill Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Good News/Bad News with regard to the new Bluetooth 2.1 in Android 2.1 on the Hero...

    Good News:

    I tested phone contact transfer and receive between my Hero and my other phone, an LG Rumor. Worked fine.

    Bad News:

    Still can't get FILES to transfer, but I'm working on it.

    Worse news....

    - My Hero no longer connects to the Bluetooth head unit in my car for telephone functions (still connects to audio streaming using AVCRP just fine)! The details are....

    ....It worked fine before the 2.1 update, but now the head unit now connects to the Hero for a second, then disconnects and reports that the phone is an "Invalid Device". I've noticed the head unit also seems to have trouble remembering the Bluetooth device name being reported by the Hero. Gets it right at first, then immediately says it can't determine the device name. Oddly, the Bluetooth audio streaming profile (AVCRP, etc.) still works and connects fine.


    The Bluetooth connectivity with the Hero under the 2.1 update is HIGHLY dependent on the car kit or Bluetooth device. For example, I was able to maintain a stable connection with a more modern Pioneer head unit in Best Buy, and it even saw the Hero's phone book automatically using the PBAP profile. However, I could not connect at all with an older Pioneer AVIC series unit. I had only partial success with other units, such as a Kenwood 6160 and some Garmin Nuvi's. On others, such as a Tom Tom with Bluetooth, I was unable to connect at all....

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  2. yaeger

    yaeger Newbie

    I also noticed 2.1 based ROMs had problems with my car BT. Phone is paired successfully but no audio during a call. I make most of my calls in the car so this is a huge problem. Even to the point I may have to stay with 1.5 ROM.

    If anyone has a solution. Please advise!

    UPDATE: FYI, I pair my phone to 2007 Infiniti G35. 1.5 works, 2.1 no audio. I've notified HTC about the issue. If someone can issue a custom ROM that "downgrades" the BT similar to 1.5, that would be perfect.
  3. ahmadshawki

    ahmadshawki Newbie

    Well, I just updated to 2.1 and everything is fine. I connected to my bluetooth headset anad my computer. I also sent and recieved a couple of photos and videos.
    So, may be there is something wrong with your update or your device.
  4. astrobill

    astrobill Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    No, it's a clean, official update and my Hero connected to my car kit FINE with Android 1.5. There's nothing wrong with the car kit...
  5. americonium

    americonium Member

    Pioneer F700bt. Prior to the update, any contacts that had multiple phone numbers just had a separate button, with no indication of what phone number it was related to. Post update, all contacts show mobile, home, work, so on and so forth.

    Streaming Pandora to my FIPO blue tooth receiver worked almost flawlessly. Now it cuts out and skips and stops. Not sure if it's the Pandora or the bluetooth causing the issue.

    That's all I've got to say about that...
  6. astrobill

    astrobill Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Okay guys, here are some more details....

    My Hero's Bluetooth is "pairing" with the Bluetooth car kit (i.e., listing it as a remembered device and reading the car kit's Bluetooth name properly).

    However, it's when I try to go to the next step...and CONNECT to the car kit ...that things go awry. What's happening is that nine times out of ten, the car kit cannot "read" (i.e., decode) the device name being reported by the Hero in the Bluetooth data stream, so the car kit declares the Hero to be called "Name Not Found" and refuses to connect, saying "Invalid Device."

    About one time in ten, the car kit IS able to decode my Hero's name ("Bill's Hero") and connect for two seconds. Then the Hero immediately states "Bluetooth Headset Disconnected" on the touch screen just a fraction of a second before the car kit goes back to saying "No Connection." I can't tell if it's the Hero or the car kit that drops the connection first. But then again, I only get that far about 1 out of every ten tries, so it may be moot.

    Either my older car Bluetooth unit or HTC made an error in their Bluetooth stack when complying with the standard...not sure which. Darn...the only reason I kept the Hero was in the hopes this Bluetooth update would FINALLY allow me to "push" contacts to my car kit and use the phone book on the touch screen. Instead, I took a step backward and can't even connect at all...sigh.
  7. ahmadshawki

    ahmadshawki Newbie

    May be you have to reset the bluetoothdevices first. I don't know, but mine works perfectly after the official update today...
  8. astrobill

    astrobill Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Nah...that's not it. I did a number of restarts of the Bluetooth kit, and even took apart my dash and do a HARD refresh of the hidden Buetooth unit. It's not an issue with "resetting" the Bluetooth car kit.

    Besides, the Bluetooth streaming audio piece of the same car kit works fine with the Hero using the AVCRP profile.

    There can be no doubt...either the car kit and/or the Hero are not complying fully with the Bluetooth Hands-Free and/or Headset Profile (HFP, etc) communciations "stack" standards and protocols. Dammit. I'm going to have to junk one or the other...or simply give up on using the Hero in my car

    Please note that the "free" LG Rumor that Sprint gave me when I bought the Hero works PERFECTLY with the car kit!!! Ironic, no?
  9. DaWeav

    DaWeav Android Enthusiast

    Well, 2005 Toyota Prius Navigation system bluetooth functions handsfree with the 2.1 Hero like it did on 1.5, but contact file transfer is still not working. Now with 2.1, I can send the contact from the Hero, but the Prius system just receives the name with ||||||||| as the phone number. I was hoping the update would allow me to transfer contacts, but it still broken. I even tried the Bluetooth File Transfer program, but it locks up and gets hung on 'searching'. I have to kill the app to stop it. I would think in this day and age that manufactures would have Bluetooth all figured out and compatible, but NOT!
  10. lil goat

    lil goat Newbie

    I have an Eclipse 726e, it used to work fine with my Hero, except for the address book, and I figure that is an Eclipse problem. Now It pairs and after a couple of tries connects, I can even make a phone call but no audio through the stereo but after the call connects having been dialed from the stereo I can hear it through the phone, this is a Hero issue for sure as it used to work quite well.
  11. astrobill

    astrobill Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah...this is broken. My LG Rumor paired with the 2.1 Hero okay, and the Hero is definitely telling the LG Rumor that the Hero supports the Object Push Profile (OPP) in Bluetooth....I was able to send contacts back and forth between the Rumor and the Hero, but I CANNOT get the Hero to maintain a connection with the car kit. Nine times out of ten it fails completely....and the one time in ten that it DOES connect, it disconnects immediately.
  12. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    Reported in official 2.1 Problems thread.
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  13. RobAGD

    RobAGD Well-Known Member

    Running Fresh 2.0d

    I have a Dodge Magnum with the Johnson Controls uConnect system for the car ( BT hands free head set )

    The Phone BT and my uConnect have been fighting a bit from day 1.

    It pairs, finds the hands free device, I can make a call, but after that first call it looses connection and wouldn't rediscover the hands free unless I disabled BT and re enabled it.

    With the 2.1 it will drop out in the middle of a call, or say it found a hands free device and then run the call through the phone.

    It has to be the BT stack in the phone, my Katana never had any issues with the uConnect, and I have had repeted issues with the BT and my Netbook and Laptop.

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  14. stephned1003

    stephned1003 Lurker

    I have a Pioneer DEH-P7900BT and I am having EXACTLY the same problems that started this thread. It has spurred me to do further research as to the cause and here is what I have so far. Please keep in mind that I am not a developer and this is my first post. I work in outside sales and use the Bluetooth Phone function CONSTANTLY! So here is what I have. If someone can pick up the torch and run from here by all means please do so

    Here are the protocols supported in the Android/Bluetooth 2.1 update for the HERO: GAP, SPP, HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP. It was also stated the it lacks OBEX Remote Sim Access (although I have no idea what that means)

    Here are the protocols supported in my Pioneer: GAP, SDP, OPP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP

    Here are the protocols in the Pioneer that ARE NOT supported by the Android/Bluetooth 2.1 update: SDP, OPP.
    The Pioneer Manual states that it uses A2DP and AVRCP for streaming audio.

    So my summary is that the lack of OBEX, SDP, and OPP support is the issue. The lack of at least one or all of them is affecting our earlier model head units. Which leads to 3 conclusions:

    1) Downgrade the Firmware or change to a new smartphone altogether. Which I would rather not do because I like the phone but this is really a deal breaker for me.

    2) Purchase a new head unit and make sure it supports the phone by syncing before buying. Imagine if you didnt buy a certain new car model because it didnt support your smartphone?

    3) Hope that a company (Bluetooth?, HTC?, Android?, Sprint?) can impliment a fix through an update.

    I am hoping for #3 through either pleading or public outcry. Can you imagine what the Evo Lanuch will be like if they have the same 2.1 Firmware out of the box?

    Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Hope it helps......
  15. ls430cw

    ls430cw Newbie

    I have the exact same problem in my Lexus. 1.5 worked, 2.1 doesn't. I am finally getting frustrated with the software testing that they are doing when the roll these updates out. Or lack of testing.
  16. JRally

    JRally Newbie

    On 1.5 everything worked great on my Pioneer DEH P700BT

    On Fresh 2.0d, 2.1.1 and DamageControl 2.08 and 2.08.1 I have issues getting it to connect and disconnect properly.

    When I take calls, people can't usually hear me, but then I go on the phone and hit the button to activate headset and it starts working.
  17. astrobill

    astrobill Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


    First a quick aside: OBEX stands for Object Exchange...it's actually not a Bluetooth PROFILE. Rather, it's a Bluetooth PROTOCOL one could use in developing NEW profiles.

    Now...regarding what may be the issue here....

    The OPP (Object Push Profile) is what's used to send/receive files and contacts. However, it is NOT what is used for simple connections and telephony between Bluetooth devices. Therefore, errors in programming the OPP "Bluetooth Stack" would NOT be responsible for the problems we're having connecting the new 2.1'ed Hero to Pioneer head units. I'm not saying HTC has implemented OPP correctly, but rather that it's not responsible for the simple connectivity problems. In fact, I successfully transfered contacts between my Hero and my LG Rumor, so I suspect they got OPP mostly correct.

    So...what is MORE LIKELY the issue here? Well...

    I believe HTC and Sprint must have changed something in how they implement the Headset Profile (HSP) within Android which is what many Pioneer head units use to connect to Bluetooth phones, for example. 2.1 has broken something in the basic Bluetooth HSP (and maybe the HFP as well?).

    In contrast to the newly-upgraded Hero, my LG Rumor connects to my car kit just fine and even sends the numbers of incoming callers to my car kit, and the car kit even tells me the caller's name if they're in the car's phone book. Also. my five year old Motorola RAZR connects to the car kit just fine using the Headset and Hands-Free Profiles.

    I'm pretty convinced that HTC just really broke the Hero's Bluetooth HSP and HFP profiles big time....too many other people are also reporting problems after the 2.1 upgrade!
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  18. RobAGD

    RobAGD Well-Known Member

    Well now the trick would be could a code monkey pull the BT code from 1.5 and compare it to the code 2.1 and see whats borked ? or maybe make a hack to put the older working variant into a 2.1 rom?

  19. Bootsock

    Bootsock Guest

    What you are describing sounds exactly the same as I get with the legend, which also runs 2.1, on my car kit. Bizarrely though, the Desire seems to be fine...

    I'd suggest logging it with HTC, as the more people who log issues, the more likely it is to get looked at.

    Sent from my HTC Legend using Tapatalk
  20. ConanOBrien

    ConanOBrien Lurker

    Same problem here with a Pioneer Avic-D3 with BTB200 bluetooth adapter. Tries to connect, pairs up and disconnects right away

    worked fine in 1.5 =(

    streaming audio works fine though
  21. astrobill

    astrobill Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Conan...yep. Even though the guys over at AVIC411.COM will tell you that Pioneer did a REALLY crappy job on the BTB200 (I mean...REALLY bad...many Bluetooth stack errors), the one thing they DID get right was the Bluetooth HSP profile. Therefore, I'm pretty sure your issue is due to mistakes on the HTC end with the 2.1 update....
  22. sarspants

    sarspants Well-Known Member

    No problems for me! Running Fresh 2.1.1 and have a Sony MEX-BT2800 receiver. Pairs to the phone in about 10-15 seconds. Works every time without any issues. Pandora in the car rocks!
  23. stephned1003

    stephned1003 Lurker

    Thanks much Astro. Also thanks for clearing up some of the jargon misnomers I butchered. After reading posts on HTC and hearing about the 2.2 update on the way from the Google I/O conference I ponder if the next update will finally put this to bed? Which should get down to us in an update in about one to three years?
  24. ConanOBrien

    ConanOBrien Lurker

    lol 3 years, time for a new phone!

    It bothers me that all these smartphones have these issues functioning as a PHONE. My damn sanyo 8400 had no problems with bluetooth with any devices. bleh.

    It's either I go back to 1.5 and lose a working youtube app, or stick with 2.1 and not be able to use handsfree -_-
  25. armandov99

    armandov99 Member

    I'm using the Hero with uConnect as well. Mine is on an RER MyGig/Navigation unit. I never had issues with 1.5.

    However, when I went to Fresh 2.0d, the only issue I faced was that the phonebook transfer would only work for one number, usually home. I no longer had the option to say "Call Sally Mobile" as it would not see the mobile number for Sally. With 1.5 it worked fine, I could say "Call Sally Mobile" or "Call Sally Home" and it worked.

    On Fresh Toast 2.1 I had huge issues to where during a call after they hung up it destroyed my OS and I had to restore to 2.0d.

    I'm now using Fresh 2.1.1 and it's been working OK, but I haven't confirmed the phonebook transfer issues.

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