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Bluetooth and Available Ram

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by ZigZag03, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. ZigZag03

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    Dec 28, 2014

    Dec 28, 2014
    I'm not finding any recent posts on this so let me try a fresh post. I am having an issue with bluetooth on my Verizon Galaxy S3 that has occured, possibly, maybe, with the update to KitKat. It will pair easily as always, but then begin stuttering in a short amount of time, with any of the devices I pair with. All these devices worked fine before the problem started. What I do to solve it, and its only a short term solution, is to use All-In-One toolbox to "Quick Boost" the ram, which is often down quite low percentage-wise, and the stream cleans right up and continues nicely until the ram percentage drops again. It will misbehave with as much as 50% available ram but always clears to somewhere above 60% and works nicely. I don't need to disconnect and reconnect; it will clean the stream before even finishing the "boost" process. I've been looking for an app that will maintain a certain level of free memory but to date have not found one. Its also possible that there was an app installed that caused this, rather than the KitKat update. Anyone else got this issue or have a ram cleaner that they really like that works on its own? thanks zz03


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